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Traditionally speaking October is a powerful month. This is the month which truly heightens our experience of incorporating diverse traditions to open us to a deeper sense of magic. This is the month to tap into your spiritual higher self. It is this Higher selfs deep wisdom that can only be accessed when your souls ready to emerge and express itself. It’s your consciousness delivering pure insights and messages of love. The Higher Self lies beyond the physical world, yet it is ever-present during our soul’s transition from one life to another, always looking out for you.

Most Witches who follow what is known as the Wheel of the Year, a seasonal calendar with sabbats, or celebrations to mark the natural changes on earth and celestially speaking through out the year, Samhain is noted as the Witch's New Year. This is due to the Celtic influences on the Wheel of the Year. The idea behind this comes from the notion that before there was light, there was darkness. Before there was life there was a void. From the darkness, light was born. Thus, a new day begins at the beginning of the dark night. The Celts divided their year into a dark half and light half. The dark half was their winter for 6 months and the light half their summer for 6 months.

So, we’ve been working all season, harvesting the fruits of our efforts, gathering the lessons from our experiences to reflect with thanks for the gifts we’ve been gifted this year. October is an incredibly creative time to work in the spiritual planes through journeying and ancestral connection. There is indescribable magic on the other side of the veil and if you’ve done the work to get across, it is here you find the places which contain a deep connection to this magic and enchanted mystery.  If we can hang in there, learn our lessons and integrate them into our lives, then we heal at the Soul level. We heal the energetic blueprint that caused the symptoms of unease in the first place. We are free.

This dimension that we live in and the spirit world meets at the end of October when the veil thins, marking the time for us to honour the worlds of the seen as well as the unseen – our everyday world, and the world of spirit. This is the time for honoring your ancestors and loved ones who have passed making it a beautiful opportunity for interacting with your guides and departed ancestors. Ancestral connection is a very special type of magic.

In numerology the meaning surrounding “ten” focuses on returning to our centre. In a spiritual sense, it signifies that somewhere in our lives we have come full circle. After blooming and reawakening in spring, flourishing in the summer, and transitioning into Autumn, it’s the time to take stock of where we are at and to begin preparing for the dark winter.

In addition to tying the loose ends together in the spirit of unity, this numerological number gives us a different kind of new beginning to others. Ten speaks of personal fulfilment, the completion of tasks, and achievement of goals. The “one” is indicative of the beginning of the journey, thus the “ten” represents the end outcome. The year has almost gone full circle and so should you.

We can also recognise this theme with the presence of October’s main celebration: Samhain. This day is used to focus on those who have already completed their personal circles and can now live on in other, more spiritual ways. As you transition into the darkness and explore the spirit realm, make sure you have your magical tools and rituals prepared.

Many blessings to you, your loved ones and all who came before.


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