Weekly Tarot | The Magic of Forgiving Others - 23rd September 2019

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.


The suit of Cups cards deal with the emotional level of consciousness and are associated with love, feelings, relationships and connections. The Five signifies the realisation of an illusion as well as deception. It may be difficult for you, but going through this experience is necessary. This card represents a psychological process, triggered from the past rather than an actual present event.

Sometimes people lie or make mistakes. Sometimes very bad ones. Wisdom comes to all parties involved from these mistakes, no matter who made them. The secret is to hold the courage to face them, and make adjustments to your own self development by moving forward based upon the knowledge you’ve gained through this experience. Deceptive energy is in motion and metamorphosing, bringing you to a crossroads. Do you utilise your power of forgiveness or your power of destruction?

Examining the circumstances of your feelings, especially your emotions here – will help you grow as a conscious person. You will realise that the past and future are the real illusions, that they actually exist in the present, which is all there is.

It may be the end of an era or time to cut ties with someone for good but remember that forgiveness is always vital on this journey, both for yourself and others. If someone has disappointed you, find it within your heart to forgive them. It’s safe to forgive wrongdoing. We are all human. You don’t need to keep them in your life but your forgiveness cuts the shackles which hold you back.

It’s important which thoughts you feed into your mind at this time too, because your thoughts create your beliefs and reality. You have positive thoughts and you have negative ones too. Be conscious about what you are feeding your mind and soul. Use this experience to propel you forward. Instead of focusing on what had caused you pain, manipulate this energy to contribute to something that is working well your life. 

Be open to the light in your life whatever your choice may be, this will release you from the disappointment you feel so your journey can continue. And so it is.


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