Weekly Tarot Reading: 9th December 2019 - Spirit Goddess

The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual power and growth is of lifelong learning.


The Queen of Wands blesses your life this week with pure joy. She is fearless and will not walk from any challenge and she urges the same of you, speaking directly of your own self discovery, sensitivity and spirit. When this energy is surrounding you, there will be an intensity in the air that accompanies every move that you make. You must allow yourself a certain freedom of expression and creativity here and if you do, you will accomplish much during this transit.

You are awakening to the deepest essence of who you are as your love of your home and the appreciation of nature is translated into feeling and understanding. The Planet is ascending to a higher frequency at this time and you are too. In fact, it’s your energy that is assisting Gaia at this time. Your energy draws all things positive to you because ‘like attracts like’ and others can feel your natural love of life and people.

This week you will see no purpose or value in any deceit, control or dominance from others because you know better than that. Your attitude is of gratitude and you are at divine service when providing assistance or good advice. The more that you practice listening to the song of the universe, the stronger your intuition and physical connection to the divine will be.

Be patient and keep practicing generosity. Recognise negativity or anything less than joy as being exactly what it is: not worth your time or energy. You aren’t supposed to touch the ground this week. You are supposed to predict, visualise, imagine. This is the the time to consider where you are and where you want to be.

And so it is.


Spirit Goddess

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