Weekly Tarot Reading: 14th October 2019 - Spirit Goddess

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


The Emperor is the card which rules Aries - the astrological sign where the moon resides at the beginning of this week. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and heralds new cycles, new beginnings and the power to strike out on new paths. This is how The Emperor lives his life and how he deals with whatever challenges comes his way. You may be wishing the dust would settle in a particular relationship so that you can finally find your footing, but it doesn’t feel quite possible yet.

When the Emperor appears he asks that you reflect on the reason why your life is feeling uneasy. Is it something you are unconsciously contributing to, or is this coming from an outside influence? Todays guidance suggests that you stop playing the role of the people pleaser. In fact you shouldn’t care whether people like you or not. This next phase is about you.

This card is one which indicates that you can now start taking charge of your own life after dealing with someone else’s behaviour. Ways you can do this include claiming your own personal space, setting your own rules and creating healthy boundaries. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with this tarot card if you carry yourself forward with the inspiration, inner strength and the dedication required. He presents a successful future as long as you pursue your goals similar to the way that the Emperor does, with method and strategy.

You will finally reach the point where you no longer need to prove yourself, there will be no need or will to show other people what you are capable of. Right now you are experiencing this lesson to earn the level of experience you need, and this lesson is purely designed to prepare you for that definitive moment. This Emperor will take you anywhere that you desire to go, so here and now gather your clarity and wisdom, because you must get started.


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