Weekly Tarot Reading: 13th - 20th January 2020

If you know the enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and you know Earth, you may make your victory complete. ~ Sun Tzu

The Six of Swords suggests that you might find yourself doubting your ability as well as your drive to achieve any kind of success in your life. Your will has been tested and you might be feeling particularly negative about yourself, maybe as if you have failed others as well as yourself. A different approach is needed now because the Six of Wands urges you to keep going.

The card has a strong emphasis on what you have done up to this point in the right ways. Understand that your success may have attracted negative attention by others who are jealous or envious of your life and achievements. There will always be another co-worker ready to stand forth and claim your hard work. There will always be another woman waiting in the wings of your relationship sharpening her venomous clutches. There will always be the so-called friend in your life that will try to sabotage whatever goes right for you. Steer clear from those that would potentially want to see you knocked down and who secretly pray for your failure. Remember these types of people will always create and attract their own karma. You don’t even have to worry about it. The universe see’s. 

There will always be that one person who is dissatisfied with their own lot in life and will not be happy for you. They will go out of their way to try and ruin things for you, so in that sense the Six of Wands serves as a reminder that not everyone around you can be taken at face value.

Now, because the Six of Wands is all about recognition, victory and success, it is signifying that you will manage to properly succeed in achieving your goal, and you may also being publicly acknowledged for it. The struggles and challenges you've experienced with spiteful people up until this point will have helped you grow into the person you are.

While there will always be new challenges in the future, you will know that they are there to test your spirit and support your growth even further. Keep a positive, forward-thinking mindset. This is not a time to give up – you must remain focused on the outcome that you truly want. Set your intention and then continue on your path until you cross the finish line. 

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