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The High Priestess is associated with the Moon; both the light and dark appearance of it. She highlights secrecy and mystery. 

The Moon symbolises feelings, memories, moods and unconscious thoughts. Here she sits between the pillars of strength and establishment. As you travel along the 13th Path you will encounter your Higher Self and Unconscious Awareness for the first time in the form of The High Priestess. You will come to rely on her energy and knowledge when you encounter the shadows and lonely times. 

You will learn to understand that the High Priestess may be the only one you can truly and honestly rely on after listening to others advice and guidance as well as the musings of your ego. The High Priestess has infinite patience and will sit for as long as it takes waiting for you to hear her whispers from within. 

Not all is as it appears, and deep within you already know this, however ignoring the issue is allowing it to fester, materialise further and then resurface. You know exactly what the answer to your problem is and who and what is causing all these problems. So, why do you ask to hear it from others?

The High Priestess is telling you that the answers are already concealed within and that there is where you must journey to shine a light on the unconscious to let them out. The only person you can trust is the stirrings of your own soul combined with the High Priestesses energy. This is a course in divine trust and patience for you to create miracles. Know this knowledge is coming from a higher source, through you.

Inner work is never easy, but this time she implores you to go deeper and you will surface with perseverance to bring about true manifestation. The undiscovered or hidden creative abilities you have are now calling out to be expressed and utilised. Sometimes finding a spiritual guide can help you realise the full potential of your innate artistic abilities.

This card finally brings a message about your memory and the subconscious. What have you forgotten? There is something very important you need to remember.

Affirmation: I can trust my intuition. 


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