Weekend Guidance | 23rd - 24th March 2019

"‘May I be unbound, unbound, forever unbound’

It is time to release old soul stories that have been playing out in your life. They are coming up to be healed. Past-lives are not actually in the past. Time doesn’t really exist, it’s a man made concept, and everything is actually happening in the now. Where you’re concerned, this means — among many other things —  the fact that the people you were in other lifetimes may be active in your own energy right now, within you, especially if they aren’t healed. The good news is there has never been a safer time to clear these patterns than right now.

A past-live that is not healed is living within your being, feeling restless. It’s mingled with your own energy (because ultimately it’s also you, or a part of you). So it works almost as if an actual person, with its own “independent” moods, cravings, desires, fears, and reactions to external circumstances that are happening in your life. You bear no responsibility over its actions — other than, as the current Soul carrier, to heal it and bring closure to it, if your consciousness and choice allows you. That’s your only responsibility over your past-lives.

Take a look at patterns in your life that you are ready to release. There are ancient vows and contracts that your soul made that have a conclusion. It could be a vow of silence or chastity or poverty. It is time to unwind from them. This is the life in which you free yourself from trauma of lives past.

There are different ways a past-live aspect, under these circumstances, becomes completely healed. One is sheer persistence: by noticing and healing the past-life whenever it starts to manifest, whenever it shows itself, and by sending it the Light To it whenever you can. No amount of Light is wasted. Over time, with the accumulation of your cleansing and spending time within the Light, this element of the soul will realise its own lesson and accomplish its own closure. Another way to heal them is when you name them, because then you claim them, they can’t hold power over you any longer.

When you are acknowledging these old patterns, it‘s important to think about how they have served you up until now. What did this pattern teach you? For example, a soul pattern of playing ‘less’ than you really are caused by a soul fear of being truly seen, or sharing your unique voice, would have served you by keeping you safe. Now, in order to grow you need to soften this fear by receiving and calling in support:

Work Your Light Activation

I release all old soul stories, vows, contracts, and patterns that are no longer aligned with who I came here to be in the present time. I carry the lessons, growth, and gifts, but I no longer choose to live the same story. May I be unbound, unbound, forever unbound.’

So Be It.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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