Tuesday 7th May 2019 | The Lovers

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love, but hurting ourselves to avoid it doesn’t make it better.

When we project our fear into love we manifest  obsession, and we believe if we let go of these feelings then we will be lost, truly believing no other love could exist like the one we have. Even if that love is harmful or brings out the worst elements in you, you may feel projecting your shadow self most of the time is better than standing alone. This illusion carries you away from your connection to your divine self and this experience binds you to negative experiences.

The Lovers Tarot represents a divine call for you to look at any particular relationships in your life, and find harmony where there is none. The two people on the card embody the energy of the yin and yang between two points of awareness. In order for the energy to flow freely, there must be trust and a mutual respect and understanding across the board. Giving and receiving must be equal and in balance, or the connection between the two polarities will quickly dissolve.

At the end of the day, the thing that brings people together, builds families, and establishes communities – is love. The Lovers tarot reveals this truth - that all is love. It speaks to you in a time where you have to work on the union where you feel fulfilled not only with another but with yourself. The Lovers tells you love is safe to experience in all of its forms, and love is always with you.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Image: Spirit Goddess using Starchild Tarot cards

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