Tuesday 14th May 2019 | Perspective

There is nothing for you to do but breathe and surrender to all that transpires both within you, and all around you.

This is card denotes the beginning of a time of transition within your life. The perspective card invites an opportunity for you to change your life, and although this may require some small sacrifice on your part, it foretells that divine inspiration will arrive, finally allowing you to break through any barriers standing in your way.

You have the wisdom, but you are not putting it to use! Alter your mindset and change the way you are looking at the things on your mind, because then the things you look at - change. Perhaps you need to see things from another perspective to go with this flow. That sometimes means waiting patiently and biding your time for events to unfold.

If this is the case then use this time to look inside yourself. New possibilities will begin to unfold before for you, but you will need to let go of some of your old ideas and beliefs to make the seemingly impossible actually become possible. Overall, this Perspective card is a symbol of a turning point in life.

All of the actions you have taken up until this point are done with, there is nothing else for you to do but accept that each moment of your life has accumulated into this one very moment.

Now, you must master allowing the next moment of your life to transpire naturally, without haste or force; and observe what happens for you next – wait until the opportune moment, act, and then watch the things you desire flow towards you.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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