Tuesday 13th August | The Magic Of The Moon

As you plant the seeds in your subconscious mind, so you shall reap in your body and environment.

Someone or something is trying to catch your attention to tell you something. Are you listening to your inner voice? The Moon is reiterating that not everything is as it appears to be. One on hand, this is a card of sleepless nights, anxiety and another’s trickery. The towers in the distance of the Rider Waite deck represent the forces of good and evil, and their similarity in appearance can contribute to the difficulties that we face in distinguishing the difference between the two. 

One the other hand, this cards appearance can symbolise that you are being carried away with your own imagination. Each of us carry our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner beliefs begin to rule and govern our very lives. Remember the egos mere ‘suggestion’ had no power in or around you. It’s power rises from the fact that you accept it mentally.

Allow the light of the moon to illuminate the path ahead of you. All should be clearer over the next few days with an actual Full Moon in Aquarius. She can shine a light on your perseverance and how you interact with others. You are embarking on a long and creative journey to prove your own worth, and whatever happens is a reminder that carrying on in the face of adversity is what leads to you to success, regardless of how others perceive your worth.

When something is holding you back, it takes a great level of honesty with your own self to proceed forward. This awareness isn’t an easy cross to bear, yet it can set your spirit free. Make sure you’re not distracting yourself from the healing work that you need to do.

Affirmation: I am attracting higher energy because I am discovering that it all starts with me. I have to change myself first so I can align with what is meant for me. I’m not going to blame, I instead choose responsibility. The better I become, the better I attract. A’Ho


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Image: Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

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