Thursday 9th May 2019 | The Six of Cups

We can appreciate our fond memories, and learn from the painful ones, but we can not live by them. We must learn to rise above them to create something new.

Memories often appear for us when we try to make life changing choices. They rush back flood us with pure emotion and in turn this can cloud our visions of the future. Whether we cling on to the good or fear the bad, we use these memories to try and help us decide which way to go, whether to move forward or stay put. We don’t realise that these memories become blinders; they shield us from the true Light of possibility. They hold us in repetitive patterns and stop us from fully experiencing the New.

If you find yourself feeling nostalgic, or painful memories are coming back up for you, allow it - but only for a short time. This is showing up for you to acknowledge why this feeling has resurfaced. Then you must release the shackles of your past, why are you still afraid if its already happened? Seek the bright lights of this present moment and know that this is where the real magic is manifested.

Know that there is a new way to live, and happy memories will be created. It’s your own beliefs that make things so. The old hurtful memories don’t need to hold you back from living the life you desire. No matter what your mind tells you; anything is still possible and it always has been.

The future is bright and full of wonder. Let that statement sit with your for a minute. Step in this possibility. There are so many surprises and gifts on the way, there are new, happier experiences and adventures for you to live. Let go of the past and embrace the present. Your future is yours to create.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Image: Spirit Goddess using Starchild Tarot cards

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