Thursday 4th July 2019 | What You Have Wished For - You Will Get

Let's make a wish for ourselves and a person we love and send it out into the world. Choose to be happy for no reason. It is finally time to believe that anything is possible.

Your mind and spirituality are in divine working agreement today. There is a clear philosophy in place as you begin to understand your spiritual truths on your own intellectual level. Your mind has established a level of truth for yourself which echoes a universal truth too and when this happens synchronicity begins to appear in the form of numbers. With age comes wisdom and as time passes we may see that the things you really wanted were not what you should have gotten. Remember this. You are to be careful with what you wish for, you may get it.

In terms of money, the Nine of Cups is also a positive message. It can mean that the financial state that you are hoping for will soon be achieved. In your health, the test that you have to undergo will lead to positive result. The good energy that you are receiving at the moment should be used to improve your health habits.

When anyone approaches you today, they simply can not help but sense the degree to which your centre is aligned with the center of all things. The major mentality you’re aiming for here is to maintain this position on your path. You have achieved so much already and are in great demand to share and to teach what you have experienced first hand.

Much Love

Spirit Goddess

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