Thursday 25th July 2019 | The Magic Of The Alternative Approach

If You Do Not Change Direction, You May End Up Where You Are Heading.

An alternative approach to how you’ve always done things suggests that you are ready to put all of your energy and focus into moving into a brand new phase of your life. Now you can look back on all of your previous accomplishments and lessons with pride, for all of it brought you to this point and you can now look forward with excitement as your career goals begin to develop.

Your talents are also accelerating into a whole new level. This could also indicate expanded consciousness as you seek further learning or training to a deeper level of expertise. Maturity only develops as you live your life lessons and you can now expand your spiritual awareness through this process.

With the Moon in Taurus, feelings of security could manifest. Today you and everyone around you will likely feel a strong need for maintaining the status quo. You are unlikely to ruffle any feathers as your instincts take on a more cautious approach and you are unwavering, so this is a good time to handle any type of situation that has been emotionally volatile.

Your mood is intimately connected to your physical senses today, and this might lead you to seek some type of physical pleasure. You could also feel more inclined toward domestic routines.

While you are expressively sensuous, at the same time you remain emotionally faithful. With instincts activated to build and produce something, you would do well to cultivate existing projects or complete something that sensitively gratifies your soul for this new era.

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