The Mysticism of Merkaba | Guided Meditation

“The key to the Universe is the key to your self and the key to your self is the key to the Universe.”

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, translates literally to light (mer), spirit (ka) and body (ba). The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of two intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating  a 3-dimensional energy field. You can activate this vehicle of light around your own body with practiced meditation and breathing techniques. The merkaba is said to provide protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The merkaba shape reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection and growth.

Merkaba is the result of ascension. To activate your Merkaba and reach higher levels of consciousness, the balance of the masculine and feminine energy within the physical vessel must be achieved. Once it is activated, this divine energy allows our light body to become multidimensional. This energetic field forms a tetrahedron, an upward facing triangle representing Masculine energy intersected with a downward facing triangle representing Feminine energy. It is this energy that holds the key. Disconnection from the feminine energy was created to stunt the evolution of unity consciousness.

The divine feminine are powerful beings that naturally connect to unconditional love through the process of creating life. If Feminine energy is removed from the equation, one cannot activate their Merkaba. This was known, and patriarchy was instilled as a way to gain control and suppress feminine energy. Women were called witches and were burned to be kept in a state of fear. When there is fear within, higher levels of consciousness cannot be reached. These acts of female suppression deepened over the course of time. Men were conditioned as well, into believing they were the superior being. They were instilled with the notion that showing emotion was a sign of weakness, thus suppressing their feminine energy. Both genders were kept from balancing their energies. Higher levels of consciousness can not be attained without this balance.

These patriarchal society beliefs have been set and played out for a very long time, but they are now collapsing. Suppression can no longer be sustained. A major shift happened around the 2nd February 2012, and people began ‘waking up’ to their own truth. The Divine Feminine now fiercely lead their own way. As more and more women step into their power, they awaken their own masculine energy. The natural laws of unity consciousness assist the Divine Feminine by energetically elevating the Divine Masculine up along with them. As this process occurs, the men begin to ’wake up.’

Energy surrounds your body. Energy fields, in fact, and they take the form of geometric shapes. The energy fields come from within your body and surround it. They rotate around your body at high speeds. For some, the high-speed rotation has slowed down for a lot of us, and for others, it has completely stopped due to the pressures of everyday life that have made your mind, body, and spirit polluted. If your energy fields become inactive, then that is cause for worry. You will not feel completely alive and miss out on other enriching details of life.

Merkaba Meditation

Balance must be attained within your physical vessel to continue on your journey of ascension. It is this process that elevates consciousness, when we find balance and raise our vibration to awaken the Merkaba, and this allows us to become multidimensional beings with the ability to completely comprehend our own power. Merkaba meditation helps you recharge your energy fields and become fully alive. Merkaba meditation involves breathing patterns, changes in the mind, body, and heart, and altering your perception. It is a journey towards enlightenment.

First breath: Palms up, thumb and first finger toughing. Inhale. See right light. Open root chakra. See red light. Exhale through nose. Fill upper tetrahedron.

Second breath: Thumb and second finger touching. Inhale. See orange light. Open sacral chakra. Exhale. Feel upper tetrahedron fill with orange light.

Third breath: Thumb and third finger together. See yellow. Inhale. Open solar plexus chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with yellow light.

Fourth breath: Thumb and fourth finger together. See green. Open heart chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with green light.

Fifth breath: Thumb and first finger together. See blue. Open throat chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with blue.

Sixth breath: Thumb and second finger together. See indigo. Open brow chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with indigo.

Seventh breath: Thumb and third finger together. See violet. Open head chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with violet light.

Eigth breath: First and second fingers touching. Visualize tube of prana entering from the top and bottom of spine. Inhale. Visualize the two beams meeting at your naval. They form a sphere of light. Exhale.

Ninth breath: open heart chakra. Feel love. Prana sphere grows. Exhale. Prana sphere grows. Put longest finger in center of naval.

Tenth breath: Inhale. Visualize the sphere growing. Exhale. Blow through a small hole between your lips. Imagine golden light flowing out of your fingers. Let air out rapidly. Imagine your body wrapped in golden light.

Eleventh breath: Open heart and feel love. Relax. Let your prana flow through the tube. Breathe rhythmically.

Twelfth breath: Feel love in the sphere of light.

Thirteenth breath: Inhale and imagine all negativity moving outside the sphere of light. Exhale and let prana flow through the sphere.

Fourteenth breath: Put your palms on top of each other facing upwards. Inhale. Move the sphere of light to the 4th chakra. Breathe from this space. Exhale. Feel the prana flow.

Fifteenth breath: Say in your mind “Equal speed” and see the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Exhale.

Sixteenth: Say “34, 21” and see the tetrahedron in your mind spinning 34 times and the emotional tetrahedron 21 times. Exhale. Blow out with force.

Seventeenth breath: Imagine the tetrahedron spinning at 9/10 the speed of light.

You will receive the eighteenth breath from your higher self. It will take you through the speed of light into another world for a while.

When a person’s Merkaba field is activated, via the meditation above, an electro-magnetic shift occurs. This results in the excretion of a disc of energy that develops at the spine and extends 30 feet from the body. Merkaba takes you to higher levels of consciousness, helping you understand yourself and the world around you in a deeper and clearer manner. This understanding helps you live better, and that is what truly matters. Try this Merkaba meditation and experience for yourself.

Much love

Spirit Goddess

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Art: Tiffany Davis-Rustam

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