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“Almost everything we'll ever do in life that is really powerful, that really produces a result in our lives, that quantum-leaps us to a new level... requires us to do something uncomfortable”

Below are three cards from the Witches Tarot. Close your eyes and think about an area of your life where you need guidance or clarity. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice the number of the first card you are drawn to.

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Card 1



Power, Courage, Compassion

This card is about embodying both your heart and spirit by controlling the ego and mastering the mind. It is through the acceptance of your shadow self, and by acknowledging its presence and using it to your advantage that you keep it at bay. By denying your shadow self you create negative vibrations of fury, aggression and desire turns to greed and spirals out of control. The lion symbolises all the emotions and fears that were experienced in card 3; The Chariot. In The Chariot they were subdued by your sheer will power and force.

This card standing out for you suggests your own inner strength is being put to the test. It asks you to calm yourself and not ‘react’ to a situation. A calm approach is always more effective and powerful than an aggressive one. The guidance here is assurance you that no matter what is happening, no matter how dire the situation may appear, you do have the inner-strength within to handle this situation well and to survive. Feel the fear within but face it calmly.

This card also brings to the surface the question of where your strengths and loyalties truly lie. Maybe you could re-examine areas of your life and re-assess your new found strengths and how you can use them best to live your very best life.

Mantra: “Strength begins with the choice to be kind to myself.”

Card 2

The Lovers


Harmony, Devotion, Trust

The Lovers card speaks towards a sense of devotion to each other in relationships, a choice you must make, or a balance within the dualities within yourself. This card also examines the level of, and quality of the communication within your relationships. For any relationship to remain healthy, active and forward moving it is essential to keep a strong flow of communication going and it works both ways. A choice is being put forward for you to make. A choice between things that may be opposing other areas of your life. This could be an issue that you need to think about more carefully to make the very best decision.

This is a time where you must figure out what you actually stand for, and what your philosophy in life is now to be. You must make up your mind about what you find important and what you don’t. You should be as true to yourself as you possibly can, so you will lead a more authentic life and attract the right people towards you.

If you are alone or lonely, this card in this position will end that and quickly. You might already know this person, but the attraction and energy you will create with each other will be transformative.

Mantra: "I choose love."

Card 3

The Chariot


Willpower, Determination, Courage

The pull of the chariot embodies our forward motion, whether that be an emotional pull, a spiritual following, or a physical longing to be somewhere else; with control and tremendous determination. When you are attracted to The Chariot, it stands to represent your forward motion or “victory” suggesting you are overcoming the challenges you face with determination and applying your wisdom to whatever curveball is thrown your way.

The Chariot implores you to be bold and daring, for you have now created just enough magic in your life that your projects or aspirations are now pulling you, and if you let them guide you - then you will consciously create more of what you want to manifest in your life. Don’t be afraid to say yes to starting something completely new. You must be forward thinking and ready to actively learn.

You are the master of your own emotions, mind and your own reality. The more you accept your intuition, the easier the journey becomes. It takes true strength to keep steady; so remain on track and do everything possible to keep your focus and determination strong.

Mantra: "No obstacles can stop me now."

Much Love

Spirit Goddess





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