The Magic of Saturn Stationing Direct - 18th September 2019

Saturn is like the small still voice within. When you listen to it, everything is fine. When you don’t, Saturn manifests whatever you are ignoring in your life, usually as a challenge that you are forced to face.

The planet Saturn symbolises the human being that has learned all his hard lessons from the earthly life and is ready to enter the domain of the mystery planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Therefore, Saturn is also known as ‘the Guardian at the Threshold’. When Saturn, the planet of Karma stations direct on Sept. 18, it will implement boundaries, reinforce reality, and show you how much work there is left to do. Saturn symbolises dominance and change. This energy commands us to get to work and to work hard.

The ‘Old Wise Man’ Saturn brings a sense of duty and responsibility to our lives. In the natal chart this planet indicates the direction that will be taken individually, if we follow our sense of duty and discipline to attain our aspiration. In a personal chart interpretation the position of Saturn by its sign, house and aspect indicates what kind of lessons must be learned by us, which hardships and limitations we have conquered in order to grow and how well we acquire the gift of maturity, wisdom and acceptance. By the same token this planet stands for boundaries, limitations and restrictions and on the other end of the spectrum its qualities are stability, practicality, work and economy.

With Saturn residing in Capricorn until the 21 March 2020, you may feel more imposed by society, or feel restrained by the rules of society at this time. This becomes more apparent with people who are ‘waking up’ in consciousness. A significant lesson is available which comes to us by learning how to succeed with our own goals and plans while also subscribing to the illusion and rules of the political games and authorities influences.

Responsibilities are intense now, on a political scale as well as personally and this period for some may even be painful at first but the reward and potential after this is also huge.

Magically, Saturn is the absolute power of manifestation. It brings things into form, both our karma and our intentions, only if they match our spiritual path. Saturn is the master of discipline, named after the Roman version of the Greek Chronos, the Titan associated with the harvest and reaping both rewards and consequences. In the Kabalah, Saturn is associated with the sephiroth of Binah, and linked to the divine feminine, cosmic goddess and destroyer.

Many of us will begin to understand that simply ‘feeling good’ will not lead us to our ultimate goals. In the highest expression of this aspect, we can manifest our intentions for the benefit of everyone. Saturn in Capricorn teaches us to take responsibility for our actions and to promote stability and self-reliance to other people. If your life experience so far have been plagued by challenges, hardships, and difficult choices within your life, Saturn will now begin to reward your resilience, however if you have sailed through your life so far, now will be the time for cosmic challenges.

Saturn stationing direct is actually an extremely abundant time for those who have already been hard at work tackling life’s obstacles. When Saturn stations direct you can expect a cosmic return on your karmic output. Keep in mind Saturn also reminds us of the repercussions of all our actions, so in keeping with the Wiccan Rede and other magical practices, “do what you will and let it harm none.” Saturn will teach you responsibility if you do not use its powers responsibly.


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