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“The universe will bring people whatever they want…Let the magic happen. It’s always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down…Prosperity can happen at any time. I want to give you everything that you need.”

-Kuan YIn

Below are three cards from the Kuan Kin Oracle. Close your eyes and think about an area of your life where you need guidance or clarity. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice the number of the first card you are drawn to.

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The Reveal



Your energy field is growing stronger, with more spiritual electricity pulsing through your being. Take time to nourish your nervous system as it adjusts and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to increasing levels of spiritual potency, which gives more impact to your words, actions and thoughts. Having a big energy field does not necessarily mean that you have a high level of consciousness, but when you do have exquisite awareness and a beautiful light, it is able to shine more brightly through a larger energy field. Whatever you have within you, a larger energy field will reveal it with greater gusto!

You have a special light within you and the elegance, beauty and refinement of that light wishes to express itself more potently in the world of forms so that others may receive healing and refine their light too. You can help teach others about the power of gentleness, that force is not required and that kindness can be the most healing and powerful balm of all. For this to happen more so now, your energy field is growing. It is like having a bigger light globe through which to shine your light, so that it is more visible. 

As your energy field grows, your words and thoughts have more potency. Like getting used to driving a car with a more powerful engine, take your time and be careful as you realise the impact that your actions and thoughts will have in the world of forms now. You do not need to worry about this, you can go into your heart and trust that you will exercise your will and potency in the world through surrendering into your heart, where your own Kuan Yin nature will guide you into compassion and right action. 

Let your energy field continue to grow through chanting, meditation, energy work and healing, and whatever else is instinctively feels right for you. This oracle is confirmation that the growth is happening and needs to happen for you now so that you are able to do your life’s work most effectively. 



There are many times on the Path that we can greatly benefit from assistance from others. In fact these times are almost always! A true spiritual master, teacher, guru, guide or healer has the same role – to connect you with conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realize the spiritual power, authority and beauty that you are in truth is the same spiritual power, authority and beauty that you may see and honor in them!

Sometimes we might need an external guide to help us make that connection. Sometimes we are closer to our own divine wisdom than we consciously realize and yet we fall into a habit of believing that others may know more of what is good or true for us than we do ourselves. Sometimes, out of habit and conditioning, it is just easier to see the divine light in others than within our own heart.

This oracle has come to you to guide you to trust that your own inner teacher is growing stronger, that you have more spiritual wisdom than you may have previously acknowledged and that you will benefit greatly from heeding your own heart’s guidance at this time.You are guided here to carefully discern the level of influence that others may be having over you. In your admirable willingness to be open, to learn and to grow, you are wise not to surrender your discernment. No matter how wise or powerful a teacher might be, it is wiser and more powerful still to always test what they seek to say to you by sitting with it in your own heart. Does all guidance you have been following feel true to your heart?

At this time, the Inner Teacher, the Guru within all, the Goddess light of Kuan Yin in your own heart, is speaking to you, urging you to trust your own divine nature more deeply than ever before. You are being asked to ascend to the Lotus Throne of your own divine Soul. Trust your courage, beloved. Your journey is taking you into spiritual maturity and you will need to acknowledge that you have spiritual authority within your own heart. Yes, you can learn from others, but always honor your inner teacher, beloved, as this is your own unconditionally loving and flawless guide, the part of you that is pure Divine Wisdom, always has been and always will be.



There is a situation in your life that is about to reveal itself to you with greater clarity. Just like sands shifting, the picture will seem clearer and quite different to how it once appeared to you. This clarity will bring you great relief and confirmation of your intuition. Be patient and allow the revelation to come to you at the perfect time. Often what we think we know is only a small part of the bigger picture. With some more information, what we think is the truth can shift - sometimes dramatically - and reveal a completely different reality. Sometimes we really imagine a situation, person or place to be all that we think or feel that it is, only to find that it is not quite that way at all after some time and involvement has passed.

There is an important situation in your life right now that is still unfolding and you have yet to perceive it fully. It is safe for you to be patient and curious and trust what you feel is unfolding now. Don't rush to set things in motion, to form a structure or even to make things concrete until you have had a chance to be clearer about this situation or process. There will be a time in the near future when you will realise that the graceful cosmic dance of Kuan Yin has unfolded and a veil has been lifted. At that time you will realise that you are seeing much more clearly and accurately that you have previously been able to do.

Only then will an appropriate course of action, or non-action, will be clearer to you. Trying to apply effort or create results before that time will not cause the unveiling dance to unfold more quickly. Be patient and trust, beloved. Kuan Yin's dance of divine grace will touch this part of your life and bring you clarity. Go into your heart and listen for the music of her dance.

This oracle is also confirmation that something you have recently perceived, or will soon perceive, is accurate. This perception may have been something of a surprise, shock or stretch for you and perhaps you are not quite comfortable with its implications as yet and so you are doubting the veracity of your vision. Be patient and allow yourself to get used to the new truths that are revealing themselves to you now. The Dance of Kuan Yin's grace brings not only revelation but also opportunity and resolution.

Much Love

Spirit Goddess





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