The High Priestess | 26th April 2019

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of your own heart.

When The High Priestess appears she has arrived to show you the oath to your own initiation and learning. The maiden goddess offers you a challenge. You must be wise and listen to her words of wisdom. This card is a reminder to quietly and calmly seek the occult knowledge you require by looking within. Use your intuition and your instincts. This is not the time for your emotions to rule you. It's an opportunity to gain real insight and understanding about a situation in your life that you have been blind to.

This will lead you toward efficiency, although you might be a bit too hard on yourself and others in the process. It helps to consider that although your instinct is useful and may even be amazing, you don't have to be everything to everyone in order to satisfy your own need.

Emotions take on a an analytical theme as well. It is now a good time to investigate the purpose of your inner feelings rather than just feel them. Why are they really there? You may need to weed out any emotions that are lingering when there is no practical use behind them. You could be guilty of criticising yourself for reacting to this feeling rather than using your intellect to dig deeper. At this time it is beneficial to remember that feelings always appear to show where there is soul work to be done.

This Priestess teaches you to be strong, wise and ready for the next phase. In order to attain real wisdom, you must remember to work your Magic thoughtfully and from a place of neutrality.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Image: Naked Heart Tarot

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