Temperance & A Full Moon | Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that your spirit begins to change, grow, and transform.

Happy Full Moon! Now is the time to rid yourself of any negative vibes, pettiness, or unresolved dramas. Let go of these types of misunderstandings as we all now have the chance to create some major transformation, and soul healing before next months eclipse. The Sagittarius moon energy helps us aim and catapult toward the stars by manifesting the life of our dreams,  but we must be open and receptive to this potent energy.

The Goddess of the Temperance card balances all between heaven and earth, blending all the different elements into a harmonious unity by building a unique bridge between all opposites, heaven and earth, yin and yang, beginnings and endings. Temperance signifies that moderation is necessary for you to regulate the passion and maintain your relationships, and to build tolerance and cooperation in groups. This card represents a time for your personal and spiritual evolution, by combining the different aspects of yourself and expressing them in a new way. This card is a call for you to step into the person that you’ve always dreamed of being.

In a spiritual sense, this card subtly reminds us that we are the magicians of our own lives, and we can create anything we choose! Every tiny aspect of our reality is intertwined with our inner consciousness, and we only have to choose to explore it, and let it out to play! The restless and enthusiastic energy of the Sagittarius full moon today pushes all of us on the path of searching for either new adventures, a significant change, or forward motion of some kind.

The Full moon in Sagittarius  brings philosophy, metaphysics, traveling, studying, and freedom from responsibilities to the forefront of our lives. This moon's energy is highlighting the desire within to feel detached from any restrictions, and to be completely spontaneous for a time. All of this blender together with the careful balancing of the elements can create a new expression and meaning within your life, one that could never have been birthed before in your less evolved state of consciousness. This is also a magical time for casting any spells offering that of protection, for aid in important decision making, for personal strength and love as well as fertility.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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