Tarot Tuesday: 5 December 2017

Card 1: This King of Swords advises you must learn to still your mind and drop away all that is isn’t essential. Your mind should only be required to focus on one thing at a time. Up where the air is thin, time ceases to exist. Perspective is everything here, and we humans are very prone to tunnel vision. We often see what is in front of us through the lens of past experience; we let our fears cast shadows on bright and positive possibilities. You cast aside opportunities that you talk yourself out of due to lack of self confidence or self worth. Yet, if you could rise above this, and see how you limit yourself, you could finally free yourself to experience things in a whole different way, in a positive and open-hearted way. A confident and courageous way. You could even have fun with it. Yes. Fun! It’s time to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Get some distance from your problems and get creative with solutions. Ask the Universe to provide help. Reach out to others and admit that you need assistance. Relinquish your self-control and surrender to the idea that things could go in a totally different direction this time. Maybe it will feel uncomfortable. Maybe it will scare you a little. But, the best part? Things won’t stay the same. You can let go now. Let go and see what comes.

Card 2: Life can be challenging. Sometimes it can be more challenging than we ever thought it might be, and for longer than we thought it could possibly be. The Nine of Wands is a scary card in a Tarot reading. It speaks of struggle, battle, or conflict that have gone on for so long and so hard, you have become worn, weary and want to quit. In this card we see someone in front of eight Wands and holding himself up by one staff. You are in a defensive position. The Wands in the background represent positions and beliefs. The one staff in the foreground is helping the you to stand up and continue defending, despite the onslaught of attacks coming your way. You are wounded, but are still fighting, and still standing. You may not realise it, but the Nine of Wands reveals that you have great stamina. You get knocked down by life but you get back up and persevere over these setbacks. What you must do to be prepared is draw on your reserves of creativity and strength. Find your excellence because it is there. Find your passion and proceed carefully. Yes, you may be hurt again, but do not let this bitterness reign you in! Experiences can be wounding but they also build character and strength. Strength is the hidden weapon of this card. This card is a sign of hope and encouragement because the end is near and success is about to occur. Success may seem impossible but it is truly about to occur. Be resilient! You will achieve your goal, using your skill, creativity and determination.

Card 3: The Empress is about femininity, fertility and creativity. She is a nurturing person, settled in her feminine energy and able to produce life in all that she touches Beauty, sensuality, self-expression and connection to others is present in The Empress. Pregnancy, birth and children are also something to look for when this card emerges in your reading. If there is no physical conception, pregnancy or birth, it may be an idea or concept or new interest. She asks you to connect with the feminine energy inside yourself and to seek out natural places in which to do it. She asks that you stay centred in that energy and stabilise yourself in all that is natural and material. Getting out in nature is a perfect way to do it. Going to a spa and getting a massage can also help you get back in touch with the sensuality of your body and the creative life force within you.  Nurturing yourself and nurturing others is strongly called for when The Empress arrives. She is the ultimate Mother. The Empress Tarot card encourages you to use open communication, your supportive qualities, and your emotional expression.These are your strong points at this time. Balanced communication and equal dialogue is also asked for with this card. The Empress is powerful and she maintains her power even when she is nurturing.

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