Tarot Tuesday: 28 November 2017

Card 1 | The Ace of Pentacles

If you have been spending all of your time focusing on your lack of abundance and turn yourself away from the abundance of spirit, love, compassion and health; you’ll miss out on the real blessings that you have around you. Even in those tough times when you think you are at the end of your tether, remember that someone always has it worse than you do. The Ace of Pentacles shows that true wealth comes when one is connected to mother earth. When we recognise that everything is sacred, and are thankful for what we have we continue to be blessed. Fear does not exist, and we must trust that everything that is happening in our lives is meant to be!

When we can focus on the abundance we do have, we attract more of that positive energy flow into our lives. The energy provided by our blessings can create abundance in the other areas of your life where you have lack or are struggling. Friends can help you through troubled times, hold your hand, give you an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry for you and your family. When you can give back to those friends and offer the same kindness and compassion, you expand the abundance in your life and in your day. You create opportunities for the Divine Universe to return your compassion to you in other ways, such as financial abundance. Sometimes giving to others, what it is you need most, is the best way to have your prayers answered and returned to you.

Card 2 | The Queen of Cups

Sometimes the Divine Universe reminds us that we’re connected to the greater world around us. As weather patterns have changed, so does its effect on your physical body. The turmoil going on around you has taken a toll on you. Be it actual weather patterns, or energy from the community you live in you maybe feeling drained this week. Relax. Don’t over do it and give yourself a little “me” time. Walk a little slower, don’t get stressed out about little things, leave the big things until tomorrow when your head is a little more clear. Avoid anything physically strenuous or that little sore muscle could turn into a serious problem.

This Queen reminds us that we are not alone and we are connected to everything. Today we should take a moment and listen to our bodies, are we treating it kindly? Treat yourself kind and follow your gut instincts today and see what happens! Magic surrounds us, we just need to pay attention. Show a bit of patience for those around you who aren’t reacting as well to the pressures. A little compassion might be helpful or you could simply walk away go to your room and close the door. Leave the world to its own devices and focus on your piece of the Universe. Tomorrow will be a brighter and better day.

Card 3 | Seven of Wands

Sometimes there are people in our world that just decide they don’t like us. We may never know why or what we have done to cause the negative reaction. But deep down we can feel their unfriendly nature toward us. Maybe we remind them of who they wish they could be. Whether it’s jealousy or fear, it’s not your place to explain or know reasons about the lesson they face.When someone doesn’t like who you are, you can’t force them to change. You could try to show them your kindness and despite their attitude show compassion and friendship. But take it from me, you will never get anywhere trying to prove yourself. If you get angry or annoyed, you’re better off keeping your mouth shut and walking away.

Be mindful of the situations you find yourself in with these people and with the information they are trying to give you. Be kind, but don’t be naive. You don’t need more turmoil in your life. And they’re hoping to con you into their power game. Don’t play and you’ll be the one who comes out on top. You are turning the pages to a new chapter in your life; why keep reading the same old material over and over again when the story is just about to soar into magical realms that you will miss if you don’t have the courage to turn the page?

Bright Blessings Loves x

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