Tarot Card Reveal 13 January 2018

Card 1 | Nine of Wands

We can set an example by being different, by choosing differently and living by our own code. By doing this we encourage others to do the same. We can teach children to do the same and build strong communities. It’s easy to forget that we aren’t the only ones with challenges to deal with and wounds to heal; other people have problems too. They need our understanding when they act badly because of their problems, and they need our compassion when their soul is damaged. Over two thousand years ago Plato said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” and this is just as true today as it was then. The value of our wounds lies in how we deal with them. That last one is hard for many of us, but it is very important because completing your healing is impossible without forgiveness. See your wounds as a connection to other people. They don’t make you unique or special. You are special enough with or without them. They are a common bond that unites us all. You must face them, learn what you can from them, and forgive whoever caused them. For personalised Tarot Readings by Email Click Here.

Card 2 | Nine of Pentacles 

The Nine of Pentacles tarot directs you to success and happiness. There are so many things that you should be proud of, so many things to be optimistic about. Always expect only the best things to happen for you. Don’t take your material wealth for granted and also continue to enrich your spirit. Instead, choose to serve a higher purpose and give to others who have less. To help others in need, or to support a worthy charitable cause, is the act of a generous and caring spirit, but who is worthy? Do you give equally to all in need? Or is your generosity conditional? These are questions the Nine Of Pentacles asks you to consider. An act of charity born from compassion can be transforming. To know that you have played a role in helping others can inspire a sense of deep satisfaction and well-being. It can be healing, not only for those who are helped, but for those who help. It can inspire a belief that acknowledgment and praise should be given. Altruism is the selfless act of giving. Give to local charitable organisations that work to help those in need within your community. And if you have any skeletons in those cupboards, it might also be wise to deal with them too. For personalised Tarot Readings by Email Click Here.

Card 3 | The Page of Cups

This is a card of contemplation but it is also a strong message of your advancement in manifestation ability. You have reached a new level of creation energy, can you feel it? It is up to you what you create and you must be aware that if your thoughts are weighted down by worries, doubts and fears, you will likely manifest more of the same. If you are using your energies to focus upon what it is that you desire to create, then this too is readily available to you now. What  is it that you wish to create? All this is available to each and every one of us. If we choose to raise our vibration to match it. Do you see her serenely focusing her intent on the content of the cup? There is no struggle here; there is also no distraction. Only focused intention and concentrated energy. There is a certain knowing here too, faith and trust in the process, and inner peace and harmony. Gaze in your mids eye upon what you want, and take that in as your own vibration. Anything is possible, if you decide to create it. For personalised Tarot Readings by Email Click Here.

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