Super Blood Moon in Leo

The Full Super Blue Blood Moon is in Leo and if you've been super busy in this new year and haven’t checked in with yourself, you might want to take this time to really reflect. Full moons typically bring a surge of emotions and with the moon now in fire sign Leo, they could run high.

It is time to find some balance between your personal interests and the sacrifices you make to get into another’s focus. Emotions are ruled by at this time by a sense of stability and security. It may difficult for you to escape or change your current mental state.  Drawing your attention inward at this time is so important, so much so that it can be difficult to notice that others need to attract some attention too. Our pride grows at speed of light. Our emotions also need expression in an uplifting and creative way. Where is the recognition that all your qualities deserve? To find your answer, do the things that have to be really noticed and that you will be proud of when you look back. This can be the simple and surest move you can make to attract the crowd. On the other hand, sometimes the only way for you to deal with these mental states is to be alone with yourself. 

The Moon in Leo brings with it the search for what is beautiful. People harness the energy of full on desires, and the need to create, to build and to highlight the unique and the truly incredible. This is a great time to exercise your favourite activities, the ones that require creative thinking and a little artistic touch. Leo energy is proud, so try to focus on paying some attention to the qualities of the others in your life, may actually help you fulfil the goals you desire.

Full Blood Moon Ritual:

As with any ritual, cleansing yourself and your sacred space is a must. You could choose to burn incense to connect with the Element of Fire, which rules Leo. You can use any cleansing method that you resonate with.

To cut the cords to situations and people that you have given away your power over the last 6 months, focus on your breath and say aloud how the situation or relationships made you feel. When you are done expressing yourself say, “I release ______  and cut all attachments + cords. I call my power back to me.”

After you are finished releasing, you may experience your heart fill with peace and stillness. Now, you are ready to set your intentions for the New Moon in Leo, which is ideal for focusing on your inner child, self-expression, romance, children, or any situation that could use a bit of courage.

Choose a warm coloured candle and on it engrave what will help you germinate and develop your intentions into reality. As you light the candle, focus on your intentions and visualise each one being sown into Mama Earth. You may want to go on a journey by playing your rattle, drum or singing bowl, as the yellow candle burns. Give yourself time to receive any message from your guides or your higher self. Hear it. Write it down. Then, in gratitude to yourself and spirit, return to normal awareness.

Full Moon Blessings 


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