Super Blood Moon Eclipse 20-21 January 2019

The Super Blood Moon, (also called the Wolf Moon) will take place on the night of the 20th & 21st January. From the UK, the best time to see it will be at around 5:15am GMT so set those alarm clocks! This spectacular event occurs in the sign of Leo and could light up the sky for almost three hours! Millions of us across Western Europe and America will be able to see it.  

Some of you may be wondering what a blood moon actually is. A “Blood Moon” is a symbolic name for what’s called a “total lunar eclipse” which occurs during a super moon. Ordinarily, the moon gets its shine from direct sunlight reflecting on her surface, but during a lunar eclipse, the moon moves through the darkest and most central area of Earth’s shadow. During this celestial event, the Earth, Moon, and Sun are almost perfectly aligned. You’d expect this to make the moon appear dark, but the moon becomes illuminated by indirect sunlight which makes things look far more magical . 

This Super Blood Moon isn’t like every other full moon, this time it is infinitely more substantial. The closer the moon is to the Earth, the more powerful her pull on the tides, as well as our intuition and inner feelings. When a super moon is combined with a total lunar eclipse, you get one strong cocktail of cosmic forces. An eclipse symbolises the theme of this month as well as the numerological 3 year, cultivating themes such as; new beginnings, endings, culminations, and forgiveness. Now is the time to stand forward and radiate your abundant energy freely and enhance your life experience. 

The energy that comes with a full moon affects you as well as everyone else, this includes heightened emotions, feelings, mental processes, and dreams. The fact that this Eclipse event occurs in the sign of Leo is powerful. It will bring to fruition the chapters that started at the beginning of last year and for some as far back as two years before. 

The Sun rules Leo and brings energy representing the Self, your way of being in the world. The Fire element is masculine and is active and expressive in basic nature. Fire is a radiant form of energy that will bring light to the world around you. You’re likely to be feeling a lot more enthusiastic and excitable, self-oriented, impatient and essentially optimistic during this time. This energy can be more prominent in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

A super moon also means our feelings are likely to be expressed in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. This is a time of great energy, courage and honesty so we are likely to be feeling more self-confident. Some of you will work on releasing the built up stagnant energy within, which will allow you to feel more energetic. Working on clearing your chakras before-hand will allow your creativity to take root, and invigorate this new phase in your life.  

Learning how to balance your "inner cub" with your "outer lioness" will be one of your most difficult challenges this super moon. The challenge for many will be to temper any outbursts, arrogant or egotistical behaviour. Fire energy can be equally explosive therefore we are guided to instead work on our humility and compassion for ourselves and others as we detach from the lessons that have been provided to us in the last cycle. This energy also brings a wilful determination to get our own way. If not channeled in the right direction the fire may also contribute to heated arguments and divisions. 

This is the time to complete the intentions you set during the new moon earlier this month for manifestation. During this phase, you should be aware of the effect and consequences of your work on others. You are being propelled forward cosmically and are now operating with visible clarity and objectivity. Use this creativity with purpose. Be open to the influence of those around you, and to be aware of the influence that you can have on them as well. 

Remember that this is also a powerful time of gratitude. Allow yourself to gracefully acknowledge the beauty of your life and everything you have brought into being so far. We need to take time to understand ourselves and to find this balance. If we do this, then we can begin to appreciate our divine complexities.

And so it is.

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