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Stay Wild Moon Child

Below are four cards from the Moonchild Tarot Deck. Close your eyes and think about an area of your life where you need guidance or clarity. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice the number of the first card you are drawn to.

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Card 1

The Star


Hope, Inspiration, Love, Truth

The appearance of The Star beckons you to connect with your faith at the highest level, and use it as an inspiration to bring your dreams into reality. The stars are distant, and indicate that there may be some time required to pass before you can bring these dreams into complete fruition, but you can have faith, live an inspired life and express yourself fully. This inner resolve will set you on a course towards the future you so wish to realise.

Trust what is happening to you is all within a divine plan and part of a cosmic flow, and it will tremendously further your personal growth, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. Remember to trust the universe even in the darkest of times, for the stars shine no matter what. There is nothing to fear when you live with an open heart, just look to what inspires you, and this will shed star-light on how to get well on your way.

Card 2

Four of Cups


Meditation, Contemplation, Re-evaluation

The Four of Cups appears to ask you to come out of hiding. You may have retreated away from the noise of the world; to evaluate what happened. You had to reflect on your current situation before taking any more steps forward. It’s now important to allow the energy of life to flow back to. Cutting yourself off can sometimes create a level of disconnection within if you deny yourself of those you love and who love you because what you are doing is refusing to give or receive new experiences or love and these are the things that are needed for your soul to thrive.

If you find yourself becoming more irritated about an ongoing issue, or yearn to escape from your daily routine, then take this card as a wake-up call to take firm action. What must be done differently to ease your discomfort? It may be time to pour the still waters from your cup and create a brand new flow in your life. Ultimately, if you tap into the feelings of your heart, then you will know exactly what needs to be done.

Card 3



Redemption, Acceptance, Maturity, Overcoming Ego

Perspective is appearing to tell you that you are about to reach a poignant turning point in your life. All of the actions up until this point have been taken and have happened, there is nothing else you can do but to accept that each moment of your life has accumulated into this very moment. Perspective is to realise that sometimes you must allow the next phase of an issue to play out naturally, without any haste or force on your behalf.

This is a call to surrender and enter a conscious state where you are merely observing, integrating, and expanding inwards with great emotional depth. There is something in your life that you need or maybe want to transcend, such as letting go of a bad habit or an element of your past that wasn’t good for you. Whatever it is, this card signifies that true transformation is upon you, but this will be a process and can not be rushed. Patience and divine will are the key.

Card 4

Ten of Cups


Completion, Alignment, New Cycle

Despite the coming changes, now is a time to embrace your accomplishments, and allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments. It shows an important time to bond with and establish stronger foundations with your close family and friends. If you have a negative or strained relationship with either, this card may be telling you that now you need to repair the old wounds that divide you from your nearest and dearest. This card shows the end of a great cycle, and great achievements all that you had set out to do. In turn, you now create a new cycle.

As this is the completion of a cycle, what happens next is your choice, and how you react to new things coming into your life is also up to you. You have recognised that you're the ultimate creator of your reality. Deeply integrated with the power of the spirit within, the next steps of your journey are dependent on the next choice you make iwhen moving forward.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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