Sex Magic: Use Orgasms to Manifest Magic

“One of the most magical things a women can do is own her sexuality. To not be afraid of her innate power, but to use it to achieve what she truly desires.”

The truth is we hide our sexuality in fear of being seen, in fear of being too sexual, too powerful, or feeling too much pleasure, but what if I told you, the power of orgasms can manifest magic? Well you can! Opening your body, mind, and spirit up to Manifesting can sometimes means having to breakthrough energetic blocks. That’s where using crystals for pleasure and intimacy can make all the difference. At the end of the day, orgasms are simply a magical release.

When people ask me how I keep manifesting the things I want, I usually respond with a predictable answer: “I achieved my wishes and goals through a mixture of hard work and a sprinkle of luck.” The truth? I mainly attribute my success to my own sexual energy, crystals and orgasms under the full moon. It’s simply another form of magical manifestation. You have an intention and you're using orgasms or your body as a tool to achieve your particular intention rather than writing it down, or wishing at 11:11.

We deserve pleasure in all areas of our lives and we deserve to have as many orgasms as we want and crystals can be charged with your intentions, so it makes magical sense that if you create a focused wish or intent with a crystal, it becomes infused with that particular energy and after using them on your most intimate areas, you can actually absorb a part of that specific energy.

A new wave of spiritual sex toys, made for cleansing, healing and taking your orgasm to the next spiritual level are here, and it’s not quite as off-the-wall as you might first think. Yoni eggs and crystal dildos are literally vibrating to whole new pleasurable level. Working with a natural crystal pleasure wand, directly from Mother Earth can awaken an innate energy from within which amplifies your intentions, wishes, feelings, emotions, sensations and sexual energy, whilst also helping you to release any unwanted negative energy from your auric field. The crystals positive frequencies make their mark, especially when you combine them with your moon intention and sexual pleasure. Sex magick means using the power of your orgasm to manifest your desires. You can also enhance the experience by sharing it with your partner.

An orgasm that is powered by the full moon? Yes, this spell is going to work!

I recommend leaving your wand or egg out under the full moon for a night, running water over it or smudging it with a sage stick to keep the energy clean. These crystals or pleasure wands tend to work at their best when charged with a genuine-love-filled intention rather than a quick-pleasure-fix. Sex magic is similar to any other energy work, it’s the art of harnessing energy and tapping into that spiritual energy to heal. The only difference here is that the energy being harnessed is the release of your orgasm.

Have a clear goal and an intention of what you want before you get started. I find that sex magic works best when your intention has to do with sex, love, confidence, power and strength. You can light candles, play music and meditate to begin with. Close your eyes, place your crystal in your hands or against your heart, and feel into the authentic intention that rises up for you. Hold it for a a few minutes. Then detach from that intention. When you feel you’re about to reach orgasm, imagine that your intention, (be it the partner of your dreams, a pay rise, or your own self-love) actualising in your minds eye.

So, you’ve got down to sex magic and harnessed your orgasmic energy to create very real results. Know that sex magic is extremely empowering for women. All of her power comes from within and one of the most magical things a women can do is own her sexuality, and to not be afraid of her innate power, and to not be afraid to use her power to achieve what she truly desires. Take yourself on a journey to reconnect with your sexuality, if you are able, then have an orgasm a day to connect with your power source. I can assure you it’s life changing.

Spirit Goddess

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