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We are all divine spirits choosing to live the illusion of a material world, however this is a time to begin moving out of your comfort zone.

Just like the moon, we too go through phases. Remember at times of struggle you don’t have to see anything outside or within you as the enemy. With lunar energy constantly available in abundance we can instead choose to view any emotional issues with the deep wisdom we hold within. There is a fire within you, and you know very well that difficulties are purely a learning purpose. These are your opportunities in disguise; use them to build your character and gain your own mastery. Use this self care Ritual to reflect on how hard you’ve worked so far on yourself and your manifestation. Plant the seeds of possibility in what you can also accomplish in your future. 

Self Care Ritual

Clear Space & Ground

As with any ritual you do, begin in a quiet or sacred space. First become still, take a few deep breaths all the way down to your lower stomach/womb. Then smudge or also light a palo santo stick to energetically clear yourself and your space.

Release & Forgive

Since setting your intentions during the new moon, you’ve likely encountered blocks that came up for you recently and hold emotions around it all. This is good because in order for an intention to manifest, there can’t be any resistance around it.

Think about what you’ve experienced in the last two weeks, and write it down. Simply release what’s in your heart and head. Allow yourself to feel how you truly feel. Write down any fears or negative feelings you have around your intentions; don’t be afraid to acknowledge them. They came up for a reason, so you can acknowledge them in the light and release them. Fears that are locked away can feel larger and more scarier than they actually are, so let it all out.

Write down exactly what you are ready to release and let go, and then write down who or what you are ready to forgive. This could be another person, a situation, or yourself. Send love and feel gratitude for the wisdom the experience brought you.

Fold this paper up and burn it, either in your candle or outside under the moon. See in your minds eye the smoke going up to the moon, taking this weight off of your shoulders. Feel the lightness of it finally leaving.

Multiply Your Gratitude

Since the full moon will amplify whatever energy you put out, this is a powerful time to express gratitude for everything that is going good in your life. Nothing speeds up the Universe faster than acknowledging what is going really great in your life. Create a Gratitude sheet, and write down as many things you can think of that you’re truly grateful for. If it’s hard to think of something, start very small.

The magical thing about appreciation is that it will instantly begin to raise your vibration and attract more abundance to you. The key is to actually feel gratitude for what you already have. Isn’t that special?!

As you keep adding to your spirit list and truly reflect on how all of these things impact and improves your life for the better, you will begin to feel within yourself generating more of the same with thankfulness and love. This is the magical feeling within that will shift your life and quickly! Know that the intense energy of this full moon is amplifying all of these feelings and it will dramatically increase the rate of your manifestation of everything.

Charge Your Sacred Tools

Spiritual tools that carry their own energetic frequency and vibration absorb your energy and the energy around them throughout the month. There are many ways to clear and charge these tools, but one powerful way ( and my favourite) is to set these items out under the energy of the full moon.

Gather all your crystals, divination tools, favorite jewelry and any other sacred items and take them outside for a moon bath. Depending on where you live and the current weather conditions, place them where they will not be damaged. Bear in mind our animal friends are attracted to them and will pinch them if they can. A windowsill that gets direct moon light is perfectly fine if you can’t get your items out under the moon.

5. Energetic Renewal + Release

Water is symbolic of spiritually cleansing and recharging. Run a hot bath and place any Epsom or Himalayan salts. Epsom bath salts are always a favourite of mine because these physically and energetically cleanse you from inside out. They’re wonderful for body detox as well. Light some candles around your bath.

Allow yourself to submerge into the water, connecting back to the spiritual realm and your core. Visualise this water recharging you after everything you’ve released tonight. Know that your cosmic channel is clear and open, and you’re ready to receive everything you’ve intended to receive.

6. Celebrate Your Souls Journey

Remember to Celebrate what you have learned and the experiences you’ve had over the last few weeks, as well as any manifestations that occurred or are beginning to happen for you. To feel moments of love means to embrace and at the same time to get through many endings, and many new beginnings - all in the same journey.

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