Retrograde Reversing Ritual

Sometimes we all need Mercury Retrograde Ritual to clear away the vibrations that can appear in our lives during this time. If you're in need of some reverse-retrograde-fueled energy to help you through the next two weeks, then this ritual is for you.

What you will need: A white and black reversing pillar candle and a candle holder; a knife; other candle-carving tools are optional — you can always use a knife (carefully) for carving if needed.

What to do: Firstly, since this is a reversing ritual, the white and black pillar candle will reverse what bad energy and luck during this time. The white wax in the upper half attracts healthy, positive energies while burning the black wax eradicates the from you. These colours represent your aim to flip the energy of Mercury retrograde on its own ass.

On the top half of your candle, you'll want to carve a glyph representing planet Mercury (☿), because the the energy you are reversing is miscommunication. On the bottom half, you'll also want to carve the outline of a basic shield shape. This represents the protection, which is what you're trying to attract.

Now, secure your candle into its holder. Focusing on your candle, begin to set your intentions aloud, asking for protection against the energy of Mercury retrograde.

Say exactly what you need — for example, "I ask for crystal clear communication and protection." Once you feel ready, light your candle and allow the flame to release your intentions into the universe.

Say a prayer while burning the black portion of the candle. No matter what your faith is, may it be one that teaches and encourages forgiveness. Ask that any energy causing you harm to be returned to its source for transmutation.

As the candle burns, it will activate the reversal of Mercury retrograde's energy, and then activate the protection you've invited into your space. For the best results, plan this ritual in a time where you can safely allow the candle to burn continuously all the way down.

Much Love

Spirit Goddess

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