Past Life Card Reveal

This exercise is a tool to help you remember key information from your prior lifetimes. Its also validates what your heart has already suspected from your past-life themes. Once you begin to access these memories, your unconscious mind will then supply you with details about your souls journey through space and time. These cards can evoke strong responses which represent centuries of trapped energy that will need released through you. Its best to allow yourself to truly feel those emotions rather than suppress them. If you explore further don’t allow yourself to wallow or become obsessed with the past, instead take frequent breaks by focusing on your current life and take good care of yourself.

Although your physical body is temporary, your soul is eternal. Your were created eons ago, and you’ve encountered many an experience. At a soul level you retain all of the information, all of the lessons and memories that you’ve gathered are stored within. In so many ways you have grown stronger and wiser with each lifetime. Bear in mind, we also tend to incarnate with the same individuals, our friends and family, through each our lifetimes. This is a design to help us strengthen our love and connections and heal all misunderstandings.

Card 1


This could very well be your first time on planet Earth. If it is, this is why you feel that you don’t belong. Earthly customer like Marriage and parenthood may not feel natural to you, so you may not participate in them. You are a star child. Star people can see that most of the earth people are very physically, logically and emotionally violent. You’re highly sensitive nature may feel constantly assaulted by these harsh energies. You just want to be kind and get along with as many people as possible. Know that your compassion helps diffuse the tension in this world. You are here to assist in making the Universe a more peaceful and forgiving place. If you find relationships on earth confusing and feel more at home with technology or energy healing. If you find other Star People, you will discover the relationships you are seeking. Since those of us from over planets tend to be shy or socially awkward, you will need to go where they gather. Find the others. A Star Child commonly uses their loving nature to help heal others around them As a result of the unconditional love you give to others, you then receive unconditional love returned back to you from each one you help

Card 2


Your lifetime in ancient Atlantis is affecting your current situation. Your soul memories are trying to come through to you now. These memories are of an idyllic civilisation that offered every imaginable wonder. You hold a longing for this Utopia that you unconsciously remember.

There was never an opportunity to grieve the loss of that beauty but your soul also remembers the tragic ending of Atlantis and you may even hold phobias of the water or ocean as a result of this. You may feel drawn to it and feel captivated by her depths, but prefer not to be actually in it.

You also recall how the majority of Atlanteans were peace loving, with the exception of a few political leaders who missed crystal power to the detriment of you all. This manifests in you feeling extra sensitive to issues relating to the state of the political corruption in this lifetime.

Remember how positive thoughts and vibrations were a important part of this learning process. This enables your soul to reach its highest potential. The higher the vibration of the body and the mind, the higher the vibration of the soul. The more your inner mind is positive, the more it will reflect your outer mind or conscious being. When the two are in tune – this brings a positive world.



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