New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading: Pick a Card

Happy new moon everyone! Magic is in the air and our inner life is awakened! The moon’s phases impact our oceans, the hunting and breeding cycles of the animals, and the growth of plants.Considering that we are made up of 75% water, I feel it’s completely fair to say that the moon affects each of us as well! During our everyday lives, we can get too caught up in everyday life, and our energy and attention becomes scattered. The best way to get more in touch with ourselves and our emotions is to observe our emotions based on the previous cycle of the moon and set our intentions for the next.

What does the next lunar cycle hold for you? Which of these hidden influences will be most significant for you with this Scorpio New Moon? Relax and choose one card, this card will give you guidance on how to carry yourself through this moon cycle.

Card 1 | Temperance

This card is about teaching or learning and is a strong card for travel. Success will be achieved by maintaining a strong sense of purpose and approaching your situation in a balanced manner. You must always keep your eye on the bigger picture and not be pulled into actions that are counterproductive to your spiritual growth and personal development. It is a time to be very aware of what you have just gone through and why. After the lessons learned so far you must be aware of the consequences of any actions you take from here on in. It is a time to carefully plan your next step. Take the appropriate action at the right time. Temperance suggests perfect timing and light at the end of the tunnel.  Forgiving those who brought you pain may be difficult but this card helps you see the big picture and the understanding that any pain inflicted may have been necessary in your liberation. It often takes considerable time after a painful separation or divorce to realise that what happened was a blessing in disguise. You may not have felt it at the time, but once you let go and accepted the freedom that was gifted to you, you realised that you were not truly living. Now you are free to breathe fresh air into your entire being. You may indeed see the world with new eyes and a sense of wonder and awe. The presence of Temperance acknowledges that you have been through a tough time but are now entering a period of peace and tranquility. For a personal Tarot reading by email click here.

Card 2 | The Moon

The Moon suggests it is time to pay attention to your dreams because there is a good chance they are trying to tell you something important. The Moon asks you to reflect on what your inner voice is telling you. Try not to be sidetracked by others or be swayed by their emotions either. Stick to your intuitive thoughts because whether you believe it or not you are the best judge of things at the moment. You may feel very isolated at this time as you move away from one way of life to another. You must tread carefully. Keep your feet on the ground and a grip on your emotions and imagination. You may feel lost or fearful with all that is expected of you after what you have been through. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Face your fears now for they may not be as bad as you think. Deep memories of times long past, buried issues or repressions may be surfacing leaving you feeling vulnerable and confused. This could have a destabilising effect on you until you get to the bottom of it. There may be something that you are trying to remember, but like a dream, becomes elusive once you try to focus on it. suggests you look very closely behind the outward appearance of things for they may not be what they appear to be. Someone may be very pleasant and friendly to your face but behind the scenes are gossiping or working against you. This will be underhand and covert so you will need to dig deep into the illusion in front of you. It is a time to trust only yourself.  For a personal Tarot reading by email click here.

Card 3 | The Sun

If you are looking for a definite answer to a question then this would suggest a ‘yes’ as the Sun is connected with positivity, Success, achievement, accomplishment and glory. There is a feeling of release and freedom after a time of trouble. You have shed a load and are probably feeling much lighter in yourself.  You may feel re-energised, rejuvenated and ready to get up and going.  It is a time to let your inner child out to play and have some real fun for a change. The Sun ignites a great period of creativity and activity so get started on that book or painting you have been thinking about for it will be a true expression of yourself. This is a breakthrough card. So often we go through the motions of our lives, wondering if we'll come out of the dark, curious if all our hard work is ever going to pay off. The Sun card is a clear message, that yes, indeed the flowers in the garden of life that we've painstakingly cared for are about to come in full bloom. When the vibrancy of the Sun card shines in a reading, everything is coming up roses. This card also symbols new beginnings and total trust that your way is always illuminated by the suns energy, and you have no need to fear the darkness. For a personal Tarot reading by email click here.

Happy New Moon Loves!

Luna Marie

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