New Moon in Aquarius ~ 4th February 2019

Aquarian energy holds a mystical key to the mysteries of the Universe and it's accessed through our inner lives. This New Moon, we must delve deep to discover the secrets of our Universe.

The New Moon is a time of rebirth. A time when we are given a chance to start fresh. This New Moon in the humanitarian, intelligent sign of Aquarius and will occur on the 4th of February 2019. The new moon is a fresh start for each of us. A chance to ignite your deepest desires with the promise of new beginnings at the start of a new lunar cycle.

The New Moon in Aquarius is most associated with bringing people together. This energy is intuitive, imaginative and inventive. We may feel more inclined to take chances, especially when it comes to our intentions. It is also known as being one of the most eccentric in the zodiac bringing our emotions to life and our inner expression comes forth more easily. Any limitations within our emotions can feel unbearable and we will be seeking independence and freedom. This energy will affects you and everyone around you, regardless of your chart. Over this period many of us will be analysing other people, their behaviours, what they do and why.

With this potent Aquarius moon, we have the chance to make progressive changes within our lives. This New Moon is a confronting one, however. It is conjunct with Chiron (the wounded healer), Mercury (mind, intellect), and opposed by Saturn (the planet of limitation and restriction). This means we may typically deny the more irrational qualities of our emotions such as the feelings of jealousy, resentment or possessiveness. Tensions and obstacles are likely, as we may feel completely thwarted or outdone by another in our attempts to manifest our own plans. If we allow these feelings to go too far, we may end up emotionally blocked, distant, and detached from our true intentions altogether.

You can avoid these feelings by recognising them as they begin to surface, you can help yourself by reaching out to people in your social circles and within your community. Really focus on the value of your friendships and social networks at this time. Consider how important each of these connections are to you and what they bring to your life. Using some level of detachment and distancing yourself from your bad habits and attachments to the past will help you break away from any destructive behaviours that have been holding you back. Aquarian energy holds a mystical key to the mysteries of the universe and they’re accessed through our inner lives. This new moon we must delve deep within to discover the secrets of our own personal Universe.

This is a good time for reforms too so if your new year intentions didn’t start of the way you had hoped, it doesn’t matter. Consider this a second chance to get things right. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of trials and life experience, and Uranus is the planet of revolutionary vision, change and the realisation of new possibilities.

What does this mean for you? The New Moon in Aquarius is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the air sign. This air element corresponds with your physical and non physical world being merged into one. Your thought becomes fact. Your intentions become seeded and manifestation begins.

Candle Magic

Moon energy can be harnessed at any time and it’s best channeled in dreams, meditation, and by ritual. By aligning with this moon phase, you can allow the energy to reinvent, recharge, realign, or rebirth you, and this can happen with each stage of any moon cycle leading you to expansion within your life fact there are plenty of ways to do so: You can journal, meditate, visualise, or use your crystals. Since the weather is a little colder right now, it's a great time to light a candle to aid you to manifest your goals.

1. Start off by choosing your candle.

It is best to go with one that is loose, not confined to a jar. You can use one any candle, but you can also use one based on its colour properties.

White: purity, balance, healing, spiritual work

Purple: empowerment, wisdom, confidence

Pink: love, peace, affection

Green: abundance, wealth, luck

Red: strength, passion, power

Black: protection

Brown: stability

Yellow: inspiration, creativity, intellect

Orange: ambition Blue: truth, insight

Silver: intuition, energy work

2. Cleanse your Sacred Space and tools with intention.

If it's a new candle, you might want to first light some sage, or palo Santo around it allowing the smoke to cleanse it as well as your sacred space.

3. Write Magic.

Now is the time to infuse your candle with an intention for the upcoming moon cycle. What are your hopes and dreams for the next few weeks? How can you navigate this moon period with strength and authenticity? These are the kinds of questions to think and write down. Then for the purpose of this ritual, you're going to get creative and single out your intention down to a single word, set of initials, or symbol. This will be inscribed into your candle.

4. Light your Path.

Surround your candle with an earth and water element to balance out the energy. Light your candle while either saying a prayer or reciting your intention to the Universe—whatever feels right to you. Theres no right or wrong way. Its how you feel thats important here. You should try to conjure up the wonderful feelings of already having what you intend for. Then let it burn out, or if its a larger candle, light it for a period each day while reciting your intention.

*Common sense, don’t leave your candle burning unsupervised. I like using quick-burning candles that will burn in a matter of hours for this very purpose.

It is time to set some solid and achievable intentions and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from your new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks time after the next Full Moon occurs. As long as the flame is burning, you're working with the Universe to help you along your path. And once the flame is out, you then start working with the physical towards bringing your vision to fruition.

And So It Is

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