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Below are four cards from the Moonchild Tarot Deck. Close your eyes and think about an area of your life where you need guidance or clarity. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice the number of the first card you are drawn to.

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Card 1

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a card of mystery, intrigue and stillness. This is not the right time for any action or moving forward. Instead, I suggest that right now you should retreat from your situation altogether as well as all outside distractions so that you can reflect on all aspects that are happening. When the High Priestess appears in a reading it is an indication that you need to dig a lot deeper than merely scratching the surface for answers, because issues are apparent and there are certain things being hidden (part of the moon is hidden in the imagery) from you right now. There is a bit more going on than you think and you need to find out what. There may be deep undercurrents or a hidden motive or agenda that you unaware of. The High Priestess is the Sacred Guardian of secrets and she looks passively back at you waiting for you to work out the riddle.

If you have the perseverance, endurance and stillness within, she will help you to find this inner knowledge that you seek. Look at your dreams, what are they telling you? Which synchronicities are occurring for you now? These all hold clues. The High Priestess is not for everyone, and you must follow her advice and be brave, you must be ready to learn this secret, and then she will help you to learn it. You must also blindly trust that this guidance comes from a higher source, and IS for your highest good. The inner work she is speaking of is often difficult and trying, but she reminds you that perseverance and practice will bring about your success. Her connection with the Moon suggests that is your time for reflection, especially on the past, because somewhere in the past this situation or something very similar has already happened to you before  Her presence can also suggest that your past life situations are influencing the present.  This is a card for memories too and she often appears to remind you that there is something very important that you need to remember. For personal readings visit here

Card 2

The Fool

Life has become exciting for once more and you are bound to be acting in a carefree and spontaneous manner.  Suddenly there are magical opportunities around you and you hold a strong conviction that you would crazy not to take advantage of these. You may have found yourself questioning where your life has went of track and wondering when you last felt true joy and excitement. The Fool is here to tell you that this coming season you should expect a brand new phase of your life to begin. You will do something that will make you feel alive again, something that will give you passion, energy and meaning to your life.  This card talks of who you are and who you want to be, and your right to be who you want to be, and to pursue your lifetime dream.  It is not a time to take other people into consideration.  Free your inner spirit and let it fly.  This will be something you have always wanted to do and now you will do it regardless of what people might think or say.

Because this journey will be new and you are at the very beginning, it is called the initiation process, so care must be taken as you may be uninformed in a particular area. This card represents the indication that although it feels joyous it may not always be realistic, so break down what you want to achieve in sections and take it one section at a time. Researching your ideas and learn as much as you can before you start putting things into definite action! Remember any potential of your manifestation can be ruined when its information lands in the wrong hands. Nurture your project on your own and keep it that way until you have the solid foundations set to begin. For personal readings click here

Card 3

The Moon

The Moon cards is very symbolic to witches and pagans who use the time of the new, waxing, full and waning quarters for magic and spell-making/intention setting or witchery of some sort may be afoot. You may feel very isolated at this time as you move away from one phase of your life to another. Keep your feet on the ground and a grip on your emotions and wild imagination. You may feel lost and scared with all that is expected of you or after what you have been through. You are to try and face your fears now because what your afraid of isn't as scary as you have imagined it to be. Deep memories of times long past are surfacing leaving you feeling confused. 

The Moon illuminates the sky while we are in slumber but she also illuminates your inner-world, deep within your subconscious, your intuition and where your true wisdom resides. This card indicates a time when important messages and guidance are contained within your dreams and it would be wise to pay special attention to them. Your experience has taught you the hard way and that the road to self-realisation, self-love, success and your spiritual purpose is never straight. It spirals, leading you back to what you though you knew but you are now being taught at a deeper level. You may be still grieving for what has been lost even thought it was very bad for your soul. You must look very closely behind the appearance of something in your life because its not what it seems or claims to be. This card symbolises the need to look within for support and guidance, because that is where your answers lie. Seek within for the strength and courage you need for this journey as no one else can help you with this, but you. For personal readings visit here

Card 4


Blessings and the beauty in things accompanies this card. Healings of emotions and spirit may be taking place under the moons coming influence. Self Healing is taking place in your situation. This card suggests a time of inner peace and your ability to forgive the others. Forgiving those who brought you pain may be very hard for you, but this card arrives to helps you see the bigger picture and understand that any pain inflicted may have been necessary to your soul growth.  It often takes considerable time after a painful situation to realise that what happened was a blessing in disguise. You may not have felt it at the time, but once you let go and accept the freedom that has been gifted to you by endings, you will realise that you were not truly living. Now you are free to breathe fresh air into your entire being. You may indeed see the world with new eyes and a sense of wonder and awe. Temperance is an acknowledgement from your Spirit Guides to let you know they are there and helping you through this time by giving inspirational guidance. Your troubles are behind you now and much has been learned on the way.

Temperance represents the onset of the 'quiet after the storm'. After you have gone through this difficult time you will find yourself in a good place where you have the space to relax and breathe. Sometimes, Temperance will appear as an advisory card reiterating the Libra moons theme of balance. In divination, a need for balance usually goes hand in hand with wearing yourself thin with your time or resources previously. In this case, Temperance can mean that you will finally have control of your time, finances and resources. If you’re worried about your health, Temperance is a good omen for healing. Receiving this card is always a positive sign for medical matters. For personal readings visit here

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