Monday 6th May 2019 | The Three of Crystals

Three things are needed For humanity to co-exist: Truth, peace and basic needs. Everything else - Is irrelevant.

When the Three of Crystals appears, it brings a very positive Vibration with it and is strongly suggesting a connection to your career and finances. The three is always at odds, meaning any struggles of the past in relation to problem areas in your life will have recently passed or are finally starting to pass now. Expect some lighter relief, at last you have been given a break from your struggle. Make sure you take full advantage of this time and use it to your very best advantage.

Circumstances are showing to be definitely improving but this is not just down to a stroke of luck or fate. Luck always has a little bit of input in our life but this type of lucky break or fortune comes from your good old hard work being noticed by others. Somebody is always watching.

If you are thinking about your love interest, but don’t know where you stand, then the Three of Crystals suggests that they may be simply too busy with their work. They may be thinking about you, but their job may be taking precedent in their life. The three could also be an indication they are either already in a relationship with someone else or have someone else featuring strongly on their mind.

Love triangles can be indicated by the Three of Crystals too. If you are currently embroiled in this type of relationship, hoping for a different outcome but it never materialises; then this card suggests that you should be making a break from this situation altogether. Venus is currently square with Pluto and these planetary energies bring conflict; however internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and money and Pluto is the planet of transformation. With Venus opposite Pluto, powerful forces are in potential conflict when it comes to partnerships.

Love and money matters could can prove to be a power struggle that could finally lead to a form of healing. You know you’re own worth. It’s about time others did too.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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