Monday 5th August 2019 | The Magic Of The Magician

See your reality as a life that has many tracks or potentials that you call "the future. - Lee Carroll

The Magician brings with him a strong sense of self-belief and immense personal power. As we draw closer to the Lions Gate on the 8/8, a new path begins to unfold.

Today you are asked to recognise your ability to create a powerful reality based on your most powerful skills. You are encouraged to step into your centre of power and bring about the changes that will not only have a positive impact on yourself, but in the world around you.

What you choose to do with your skills is entirely up to you – but remember to take account of the whole scenario, your vibration, your consciousness, the mental, physical, emotional, and the spiritual. All of these elements but be included by pulling together all of your available resources.

Part of our human conditioning involves forgetting the Magic we knew as children where we believed that anything was possible. The Magician initiates flashes of this inspiration and a feeling that anything and everything actually is possible. We create our reality every single second and we are being encouraged to embody the capable person that we are and continue to build on these skills to become even more powerful.

Your efforts and abilities on what you are working on will be recognised. You must stand in your power and have no doubt of your ability to succeed. Magic will follow you wherever you go, and if you should decide to wield it, there is nothing you cannot create.


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