Mercury Retrograde 2019 - The Impact on each Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2019

March 5 – 28 March (Pisces)

July 8 (in Leo sign) – 1 August (Cancer)

October 31 – 20 November (Scorpio)

In Vedic Astrology every planet has its own significance. Space is filled with an infinite number of celestial bodies. Most of those end up having an effect on us if they come near enough our planet. When Mercury appears to turn retrograde all sorts of things can start to misalign in our daily lives. Its effects appear in the form of emails, important phone calls, travelling, etc, because Planet Mercury is all about our day to day communication, our intellect, reasoning and mental intelligence. Mercury is the ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo. To be ruled by Mercury can mean that you are curious, communicative, and adaptable - but on the negative side, those ruled by this planet can also be indecisive, critical, and filled with nervous and anxious energy and we all take on some of these traits during these transits. 

Quite often during any planet in retrogrades we also have to repeat our steps and begin again in some form. Technology is a major theme during this time as things tend to break unexpectedly and hidden problems suddenly arise. It can be as simple as not being able to get a phone signal, an email does not get delivered, or your daily travel is disrupted. When buying products, something may not work and needs to be returned, exchanged or refunded. This is why its important to make big purchases and plans outside of Mercury being in retrograde.

Those who have Mercury strong in their natal chart will feel the effects of Mercury retrograde more than anyone else. Mercury also rules our thinking and our decision making, therefore any decisions should be made outside of this time. Anything set in stone will later become and issue due to the change in your mind.

How Mercury Retrograde will affect each Sign

Aries: There may be discussions about you prioritising your workload and the checking of documents. There is also a shuffle of some relationships occurring within the workplace. Keep everything organised and up to date.

Taurus: You are prone to confusion at this time, and you face communication issues in the relationships with either your children or significant other. You may want to retreat on your own, however being stubborn will not help. You have to say whats on your mind.

Gemini: There may be a deal regarding your house, family or a business. Check and re-check paperwork as well as insurance plans. Leave large purchases until after this time. Isolation at this time is not suggested, as a Gemini, communication is your forte. Its better to answer the phone and meet up with those you care about in your life rather than shutting the outside world out.

Cancer: Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Cancer, so it likely that a misunderstandings will be abundant in a relationship with a sibling or with your acquaintances. Things may seem overly emotional but try not to let any shifting moods get the better of you.

Leo: A time for revising some issues related to money, contacts and for re-considering your spiritual values. You could want out of some partnership that gives you financial stability. Put your pride aside and follow what your heart tells you. Ex partners are likely to appear.

Virgo: At this time you need to re-organise your personal life, some important aspects are re-emerging now, it’s to shape your own being and uncover a new way of interacting with people. Try not to cut people off, after the retrograde passes you may regret your decision. Back up all technology.

Libra: You would rather remain in solitude, because you feel like isolating yourself from the world and concerning yourself with only the spiritual side of existence. You are urged to only speak well of others, because whatever you say negatively will be carried back, which is fine if you are able to back up what you say.

Scorpio: Something will appear out of the woodwork and may be a call for you to revise your ‘circle of friends.’ Re-organisation and learning shows up here for some aspects related to an association/organisation that you are part of. Clear yourself away from drama within your circle of friends.

Sagittarius: Aspects suggest that you are vulnerable to all kinds of complaints in the relationship with your superiors at work or with family. Avoid organising travel plans and be mindful of over-consumption in any form and remember what we give out, comes back.

Capricorn: Further education may be re-visited during these periods, which is encouraged by an intense intellectual person in your life and also there’s related activity with people who live in another country. Old grudges may resurface leaving you with the question of why you hold them for so long.

Aquarius: You will need to pay attention to any financial initiative, whether is about financial support, a loan or a business plan. It may not be as great as it first sounds. Check and pay special attention to all small print. Remember to back up your phone and computer regularly.

Pisces: This is a good time to re-analyse your partnership, to re-examine the relationship with your life partner and your life as a couple. It is also possible for an ex-partner to return in your life. Bear in mind you are not feeling yourself this time around and be careful not to do anything you will regret later on.

It’s also important for all of us to remember that although this is a time to evaluate all means of communication, it’s also a time to reflect, re-charge, and re-evaluate where you are at in this moment in time. Consider the steps it took for you to reach this point and think of the intentions you can set to propel you forward. Ultimately Mercury Retrograde is what you make it. Engaging in your spiritual practice more often at these times will help you to deal with any cosmic chaos.

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