Leo New Moon: 31st July 2019 | The Magic Of Grounding & Protection

She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them."

— R. M. Drake

Leo Moons are naturally enthusiastic in nature and the New Moon in Leo on the 31st will be packed with an extra emphasis. We’re each being called to begin integrating our subconscious needs for safety, comfort and belonging, with a strong desire to shine our inner light into this world.

This New Moon will deliver the energy for us to start living as we are truly intended to, and aids us to muster the strength and dignity to live fearlessly and unapologetically. In order to do this we must know how to stabilise and protect ourselves energetically.

We are to cease all inner battles within our lives as well as our past conditioning, our traumas, the conditioned society, etc. Pain in all its forms is probably the biggest problem that we all have and the very thing we all run from. Whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above, we can call upon the energy the Earth to help us heal. 

Grounding is most effective when you have some place to go. When you know where you are going, grounding brings strength and confidence, when you’re stagnant you get caught in the past. This visualisation technique calls upon the Earth to ground us while offering to gather the debris of the past and air us to dispose of it, so the inner lion deep within can step proudly forward. 


To ground yourself: Visualise a ball of white energy coming up from the centre of the earth and entering you through your root chakra and allow this ball of light to travel up through each of your chakras until it reaches the very top of your head. This ball of energy is now to be considered a magnet, for it is going to move back down through your body, and as it descends it collects each particle of the negative energy that your body and auric field holds.

Move that ball of energy down through your Crown Chakra and into your Third Eye. Gather all the negative energy to that magnetic ball of energy, unclogging the energetic debris which masks the way forward. Continue the white ball of energy down through the throat chakra, attracting the smog and clearing the way for clear communication. Now into the heart chakra, absorbing all of the hurt and painful energy, making space for love and light. As the energy ball moves further downwards into the solar plexus, feel the lethargy begin to dissipate as your replenish with inspiration and persona power. Into the Sacral Chakra and feel the area clear and replenish with balanced emotion and desire. Into the root chakra you can now feel this magnetic white light connect you to Mother Earth.

Visualise connecting within the earth via the strong roots growing from your feet deep into the Earths core. Witness the negative energy which was absorbed by the ball of light then discharge into the earth where it will be neutralised safely.

Once all the energetic debris has been released visualise the Leo Moons energy pouring down into your crown chakra, and aloe it to follow down through your energy points while it continues to strengthen and visualise right down your roots aiding them grow even further downwards.

From these extended roots, draw up sparkling silver energy from Mother earth up through the extended roots and into the soles of your feet. Visualise that pure silver energy moving up through your legs and into the lower body clearing each and every chakra aiding them to vibrate to their best capacity. Moving upwards to the upper body, then into the neck and crown. Ask then that the energy be used in whatever part of your body, mind or aura that the energy is needed most at this time. Take a deep breath and now open your eyes. The visualisation is complete.

It would be a real waste of this New Moon to give in to your own passivity and decline to roar at this time. If you are feeling vulnerable or feel the need some extra protection, this visualisation can be practiced once a week, or even daily. 

Much Love

Spirit Goddess

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