Kuan Yin Oracle Reveal

You can be a source o great light, healing and wisdom on this planet if you choose to be. You were drawn to these oracle cards because you are ready. You are ready to grow spiritually, to be a beacon of light in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. You are to be brave and let go of your fear. Enjoy the blessings of Kuan Yin as you find her in your own heart and soul. She sees, honours and nourishes your light now. So it shall be.

Oracle 1 | To The Celestial Mountain: 

You are being asked to empower the divine to help you, to call to the celestial mountain within your own heart, to reach out and allow the divine to assist your current life unfoldment. We live in a free will Universe and no matter how much you are loved, in fact, because you are so loved and respected, no being will intervene for you without your permission.

Asking for spiritual assistance helps you grow in trust, wisdom and understanding of the nature of the Universe and how it operates. Learning to ask for and receive divine assistance helps us learn the art of surrender so that we can merge with greater spiritual forces than our own individual Selves. We gain power through this remembrance and we can help others remember too. So the more you choose to spiritually empower the divine to assist you, the stronger and more conscious your relationship with beings of Light becomes and the more you  being to realise the similarities that exist between your own divine nature and these beings – in other words, in keeping good spiritual company you begin to realise your true nature.

Make sure that you empower those beings who genuinely love you unconditionally. When asking for help, always say three times, I call on those beings who love me unconditionally, then say, I thank you for your clear guidance and assistance on this matter so that I may grow in my own spiritual mastery with peace, love and joy, of my own free will, so be it!

Oracle 2 | Blossoms of the Sky Dancer

Kuan Yin dances creative energy and light across the sky, causing blossoms to descend. In the same way, when we tap into our spiritual power of creation, we cause our life and all of life around us, to bloom. Creation is a natural spiritual power within you, beloved. Force can slow down the process. It is time to stop striving and struggling and breathe. You are to trust in the Universe and this trust will allow the energy to deliver your manifestation. 

You are creating something important right now, something that is aligned with heavenly forces and light, that is significant for the path of spiritual awakening on this planet. Whether you are fully conscious of it or not, it is happening. Kuan Yin will support you in your manifestation with her Sky Dance which calls the divine light of inspiration and support into earthly creation, so that you can experience the divine in form here on earth.

Yin power is the consciousness and 'being' that allows us to draw into our lives that which we desire. Focus more on allowing, flowing, surrendering and participating in the greater flow, rather than the usual ways in Western culture of doing, making things happen, forcing, intending and holding. Then you will see something wonderful will begin to happen. You will discover that your Divine Self is a powerful, living expression of the Source of the Universe. You have within you the power, love and sustenance of the Source of Life itself. Trust, let go, allow your creation to flow.  

Oracle 3 | Turquoise Lotus Mother 

Turquoise Lotus Mother brings precious healing to you now. Allow yourself to be lifted out of your struggle, beloved one. An old pattern is finally in its death throes, something that weighed heavily on you from your past. This can be one of the most testing times to allow something to go, just when it seems to be so demanding of your time, focus and attention. Yet, do not doubt, you have actually learned the lessons it required of you and now you are being blessed with an opportunity to receive karmic healing.

There are some lessons in our process of spiritual growth that cut right to the core of our being, that challenge us so deeply, that even as we learn the lessons and practice the wisdom, we can still struggle to outgrow the grip of the pattern. If you chose this card, ask the Turquoise Lotus Mother to help you break free from your old story and leave it behind you for good.

Be open to guidance from the Divine Lotus Mother as she reaches you with karmic healing. Her nature protects your energy field, bringing you peace. If you have been working with crystals this is a sign that you are to continue to do so as this is helping you heal wether you are conscious of it is not.

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!


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