July 2019 | The Eclipse Of The Family Wound

The comeback is always stronger than the setback.

The cosmic energies have begun to guide us toward the gateway of the Eclipse season. The first Eclipse falls on the 2nd of July, a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Mercury will then turn the heat up by going retrograde on the 7th with the need to reflect, recharge and reevaluate, and then theres a partial lunar eclipse on the 16th July!

Your strength and courage will only increase as you believe in your innate ability to learn, heal and evolve. This is a powerful month which regards the emergence of your higher self. Over the next week we will all experience a shift. One full of grace, love and compassion. You are strong enough to navigate through these challenges and obstacles which highlights your ever expanding state of consciousness.

With the Sun and Moon in Cancer, there is an emphasis on family values and on your memories of the past. This is a time to consider the things that make you feel at home, and the relationships you currently hold with family. Cancer is ruled by the moon which governs our moods and emotions. Helpful, patient, compassionate, nurturing and romantic energies make us highly creative and loving creatures which help us celebrate our differences. The Cancer moon energy brings out the each of our need to to appreciate and be appreciated.

Eclipses occur every 6 months, revealing the shadow self. This murky part of us deep down inside that we prefer not to acknowledge. This time we have to in order to make sure we aren’t still living in the past. This means delving deep to uncover, face and release these resentments. It is time to forget about the apologies you never got. Especially when it concerned any family members or people who we considered as such. It’s time to let that shit go and to clear this energy debris once and for all so we can move forward with clarity.

Mercury retrograde, the planet of communication can harbour great mischief often leading to misunderstandings within all levels of communication and together with these eclipses many things will appear to be of course. Clarity comes knocking around this time and we must try our best to meet with this conflicting energy. It may be uncomfortable, but all growth is in the beginning. The universe is shaking you to awaken you to a deeper more conscious level of understanding.

Strength comes from within and us directly related to how you harness your own energy, in turn leading to spiritual ascension during this time, you will be able to identify the vibrational quality of your own thoughts. This strength also comes from being mindful about how we interact and communicate with others around us.

Throughout the dance of these planetary movements the combined energy brings forward the medicine that we need to heal ourselves, but you must recognise the medicine when it is being shown to you and step forward. This is a time of soul transformation and also will signify where we need to renew and heal our relationships with each other, as well as ourselves. And so it is.

Much Love

Spirit Goddess

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