Intention Setting with the Scorpio New Moon

This Saturday, November 18 brings us a New Moon in Scorpio and we are all bound to feel the powerful emotional charge. Water signs are intuitive and sensitive, so this energy makes us feel much more intense about everything than when the moon is in any of the other signs. While Scorpio is associated with control, dominance, and intensity, it brings an incredibly spiritual and shamanic energy, too.

Times of the New Moon at 27 Scorpio

SYDNEY: November 18, 10.42pm

NEW YORK: November 18, 6.42am

LONDON: November 18, 11.42am

The new moon is considered a growth phase and is an ideal time to plant seeds in our our hearts for the future. This is an invitation to start anew, to call in intentions, and set the tone for your next lunar cycle. Scorpio is the ruler of transformation, making this weekend extra powerful when it comes to shifting parts of our lives that have been previously blocked. How things feel is what really matters, and we must base our actions on sense, rather than on our logic or brain. Water energy is all about compassion and understanding can take in the feelings of others, process them, and put forth a plan or solution that will be conscientious to all.

The New Moon in Scorpio also brings highly developed intuitive and psychic energy. This weekend you may find yourself drawn to explore the mysteries of life. You may wish to learn more about magic, intention setting or alchemy. The retrieval of information about matters hidden from you or others in is also prominent. As Scorpio relates to the transformation of energy, you will be drawn to anything that involves changing forms which is ideal for a new moon when we are beginning a new phase and setting new intentions for what we would like to attract into our lives.

It can be helpful to work out where in your chart the New Moon will be taking place. This will allow you to plan for your month ahead. Just for quickness, Ive listed the main points below for all the signs ( You can read your Rising Sign if you know it, because that is more accurate).

Aries – About Sex and Money

Taurus – About Your Love Life

Gemini – About Your Daily Life

Cancer – About Romance, Children and Creativity

Leo – About Your Home and Family

Virgo – About Self-Expression and Neighbours

Libra – About Your Finances and Self-Worth

Scorpio – About Your Whole Life

Sagittarius – Your Fears and Spirituality

Capricorn – About Your Social Life

Aquarius – About Your Career and Work Life

Pisces – About Travel, Study and any Personal Quests

Rituals are a beautiful way to connect to your soul throughout life. They can be powerful, symbolic and they have the power to open the doorway to a deeper connection with the Universe within. The important factor when trying any ritual, is to show up with an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to be open to all possibilities. New moon rituals have the power to recharge and recalibrate your energy in proportion to the amount of consciousness you bring to your situation. You’ve got to believe! The simple truth is that if you don’t know how to ask the Universe for what you want to create in life, then you will miss out on your own Power.


Please note that your new moon lists should be written by hand on paper. Something very magical happens when you put pen to paper and this is a powerful key in the intention setting process. If you like you can designate a notebook just for your moon lists. To set intentions you will need something to write them down on. The Universe loves the specifics, the details, and also your hand-written requests. Some people call this “Cosmic Ordering’. There is an incredible amount of energy that flows from your pen onto the page.


Whether it’s an altar, your kitchen table or a pretty space on your nightstand, create a space of beauty where you can keep candles, journals, essential oils, crystals, and other symbolic items that conjure up a deep feeling of inspiration.


The practice of meditation is really important throughout the manifesting process. This is because you actively relax and allow for your desires to flow from your higher self through you. Set your intention before your meditation to be guided to express all of the things you would love to manifest into your life.


Allow yourself to really dream! Get lost in descriptive detail of how you would like your life to start looking. God is in the details so get really clear about every single teeny thing you want to start showing up in your life. If you notice any voice of doubt begin to rise, remember that this are a very natural part of the manifesting process. You can’t control how you feel when the doubt rises up, but you can choose to reframe it, to see it as a vital balancing act for the process to be successful. Think Yin and Yang. It’s all about your perspective. Really get into the heart of WHY you want to transform your life and what it means for you.

After a new moon, you will notice a newfound sense of peace within your heart. Many people start to notice signs of alignment starting to manifesting almost instantly.

Please note: You have 48 hours once the new moon begins to set your intentions. A magical weekend indeed! These hours are the most potent for manifesting and it is great to get in the habit of working within this time frame.

Happy Manifesting!

Luna Marie

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