Immortal Treasure | Wednesday 3rd April 2019

The Immortal Treasures of your soul are to be shared with loving respect for your own self as well as for others.

Each soul is unique and precious in its own way. Certain souls have the light of healing. If you have cake across this message then yours is one such soul. Your presence on this planet brings light and hope to others, sometimes in ways that you don't consciously realise.

Kuan Yin is with you, guiding you to be open to perceiving and utilising the Immortal Treasures that lay within you, the beautiful gifts and delight of your own Divine soul. Just remember to take care of you too. An empty cup cannot fill another. Its better to allow your inner cup to be spiritually filled, and emotionally replenished through balances self care for yourself. A bit of indulgence balanced with loving discipline and boundaries to make you feel safe and secure within. Your healing ability will find new levels of power and strength though exploration of divine self care.

This Oracle also indicates that its is helpful for you to explore healing an issue that you have been dealing with and yet is to be resolved. If you have contemplated visiting a healer or taking a break from a stressful situation, this card supports you in doing so. You may simply need a chance for withdrawal and replenishment will help you with what you need.

Trust your intuition and allow yourself to honour your own special light and the need that you have for receiving healing just for you at this time too. Kuan Yin will help you to find your way. The life becomes easy with the grace of her sweet grace. She forgives us and releases all of our sins and karmic ties, which we have created in this life or in our other lives.

The processes listed below will support you in Ritual, meditation or other spiritual work - should you wish to receive her help. These are some of the ways by which you can get connected to Kuan Yin and get immense benefits in improving your life financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Place the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion Kuan Yin at your praying altar, and don’t worry if you don’t have a statue, you can use an oracle card or an image of her. Pray to this deity once a day by chanting her mantras to overcome any obstacles you are facing.

Exhibit the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion facing the main entrance. By doing so, you will counteract any negative chi entering the home. Kuan Yin’s facade will serve to eliminate evil by repressing evil forces, giving your home the benefit of safe blessings.

To create luck with health and relationships for your household, place Kuan Yin in prominent areas of your home such as your living room or main family room. Kuan Yin’s grace will calm family members, preventing arguments and tensions.

To dispel sickness, keep a glass of water near her photo or statue. Chant her mantras for a minimum of 21 times to a maximum of 108 times. Request her grace in eradicating that ailment. Give the blessed water to the sick. This acts as nectar in curing the ailment.

Place a small box on your altar next to Mother Kuan Yin Statue / Photo. Every night, try to express your gratitude to Mother Kuan Yin thanking her for her valuable guidance and the list of blessings you have enjoyed during the day. Offer a small denomination daily in the box kept in your altar after your gratitude prayer. Use this gathered money on this small box to offer a needy on the third Saturday of every month. The offering can be to give a plate of food or snacks to someone who is hungry or offering a note or pen to a needy child. Don’t spend this money on yourself. But something small for someone or donate it to charity. This activity will bless you and guarantee you with all material and spiritual success.

I wish all of you to connect with Mother Kuan Yin to receive abundance, material success as well as spiritual success.

A’Ho Amen and So It Is

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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