Healing the Astral Waters | Thursday 4th April 2019

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever felt like you were a different person away from home or while travelling? This is because you were free of the astral gravity that you usually live with on a day-to-day basis. The astral plane is like glue. When we put enough energy of habit into thoughts, beliefs, emotions and the stories of your past that condition how you interpret current life experiences. We can get stuck in the astral gravity, unable to let go of ways of thinking and reacting, even when you really want to escape it. We can create sticky astral thoughts and beliefs that attach to houses, places and people.

When we change our environment we are given the chance to create fresh habits and beliefs, which is why travel is so inspiring. Sometimes though, this is not always practical and we need healing to break through these negative thoughts now!

As we grow Spiritually, we can outgrow our astral conditioning. You can move more freely and gracefully like the Goddess you are if you accept the healing energy to help you filter through your psychological programs and beliefs so that thoughts, beliefs and emotions can create new habits more aligned with what you want to experience in your life. These filtered energies can become more powerful than old stories about life that no longer support us in living according to your spiritual light.

Healing the astral waters can require great patience, persistence and application to be achieved. our guides often use sound and dance to muse you into movement such as dance or yoga and sacred sounds such as chanting mantras. Allow the this to support your healing. You may intuitively feel that movement in a physical sense to a different location. A walk or going to the water will help you. If you have been feeling that you need to move to a different location, change situations in your life or connect with a new group of people with whom you find more inspiration, this oracle in confirming this intuition and encourages you to embrace the changes in your life.

You are to allow your Guides to assist you now. They may come to you in a dream, through meditation or through music. You will feel their guidance and and may feel the need to create a vision board, to say affirmations or a desire to just dance. Your guides Divine blessings and help will inspire you to make changes your energy field. The universe will hear your call and respond to help you become more powerful than the pull of your past. And so it is.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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