Harness Healing With The Moons Energy

“The moon is a reminder that no matter which phase you are in, you are still whole”.

The moon has always been associated with the feminine, her intuition and the deep inner psyche. In astrological terms, the moon is connected with the emotional mind, and what brings us happiness and fulfilment. Viewed as a feminine planet, she reflects how we feel about ourselves, and how we deal with our relationships and how we respond to situations. It refers to our inner world and the deep patterns of thinking and feeling, embedded in our unconscious. The moon also represents our fertility, emotions, and monthly cycles. We are affected by her pull whether we realise it or not and we rejuvenate and renew as often she does. We find ourselves drawn between the deep emotions of the extremes and even history cannot deny the mystical role the moon plays on us.

The word "lunatic" is derived from multiple languages in reference to the madness or hysteria a full moon phase can bring. "Lunatic" literally translates to “moon-sick. In the Tarot, the moon represents our deep unconscious, calling to our intuition to tell us of something not actually being as it appears to be.

Our emotions and their connection to the moon are important. They communicate all kinds of information to us. One of the main reasons our feelings exist is to help us shift on our way forward. When we label them, reject them, or flat out refuse to listen to them, they will keep re-appearing, louder, more powerful and more eager to be heard.

Healing with the moon cycles helps us make time to listen to our intuitive selves. It allows us to dive into the depths of what we need and lets our higher self speak to us. It is a time of harnessing and growing with our wild nature — whether you are male or female, we all have a feminine side. This is especially important in the times we are in, as honouring women in the world starts with everyone honouring their inner feminine.

Living your life by the moon has a special meaning for the feminine: because we are emotionally as well as physically following the same phases. As the moon needs to be reborn, grow, and maximise to her full potential every month, so do we.

Our consciousness travels through each of the different emotional states the same way the moon travels through her phases around the Earth. The more we tune in to these phases and how they affect us, the more we can harness the changing energies and use them to benefit us in our life.

1. New Moon

The new moon isn’t not only your fresh start, but your time of rest, a time to go inward when you can recalibrate, find your strength and start again. The themes here are new beginnings, fresh starts, and thinking about the new seeds you can plant in the forms of ideas or new plans. You should use this time for an intense charge. It’s best to unplug and give yourself much needed alone time. Pay attention to any feelings and embrace them. As the moon turns her dark side toward us, we turn ourselves inward and away from the draining energy of the outside. It’s time to unplug from the drama and recharge with the mama.

2. Waxing Crescent

The waxing moon represents our intention, hopes, dreams and wishes. After recharging under the new moon, your intentions and desires are now ready to be planted. This is when you should be developing your intentions, working with crystals, writing abundance cheques, filling in your journal, meditating on, and laying the mental frame work for your intention.

3. First Quarter Moon

The first quarter moon occurs around a week after the new moon, and this is when we start to feel some pulls in the energy. If your intention was set during the new moon, any early issues at achieving your intentions are shown in this phase. The themes surrounding this phase of the moon are challenge, decisions, and action.

4. Waxing Gibbous

The themes surrounding this phase are adjustment, refinement, and re-editing. Things don’t always work out the way we planned them to, and this phase of the moon will help you realize what you need to reevaluate, give up, or change course on. Always make room for changes, they are inevitable. Maybe you need to change course. Don’t resist the feeling of making a change during this phase either.

5. Full Moon

The sun and the moon are now on the opposite sides of the Earth at this point, they are also in opposite zodiac signs. This brings heightened energy from both sides as we struggle to find the balance between feeling the duality of extremes. Emotions can run very high and it’s important not to get overly emotional or attached to anything during this phase. You will see these benefits in the form of new opportunities or even as results from the hard work done previously. Make sure you’re prepared and open to receiving.

6. Waning Gibbous

After a full moon, the moon starts becoming less illuminated again, waning toward the last quarter moon, then finally, another new moon. This phase of the moon is for focusing on your gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm. Whatever you do this phase, make sure it’s giving thanks for all that has accumulated over the last few weeks. Gratitude is the attitude to receiving more.

7. Last Quarter

The last quarters theme is about emotional release, letting go, and feeling true forgiveness. Like the moon gradually decreasing in size, you have to be ready to let go of what’s taking up unnecessary space. Throughout the month you may have been hurt, upset, or angered in some ways. It's under this phase of the moon that you let go of all these issues and hard feeling, and release all anger. You now purge yourself to be able to make room and receive the new intentions you will set again during the next new moon. Clean your space, your cupboards, and your relationships. Smudge your home, create your own ritual. Look at anything that's no longer serving you or is toxic and take the steps to remove it from your life. Pay attention to the emotional and physical debris you’ve gathered during this past cycle and clear yourself of it.

8. Waning Crescent

Have a break, rest, and recuperate. You may feel strangely empty and like you should be doing something during this time. It’s been a long road through the phases of the moon and now it all seems particularly quiet. You’ve gone through an entire moon cycle and many things have come and gone. Now is the perfect time to meditate, spend time in nature or have a ritual bath. all that is required now is to simple be.

You are unconsciously preparing for a brand new cycle and there is nothing wrong with setting more intentions — however, not during this phase. For now you should simply surrender to mama moon. She shows us some things will always be out of our control and fate must take its course.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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