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The simplest and most basic meaning of the symbol of the Goddess is the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of female power as a beneficent and independent power. —Carol P. Christ

Below are three oracle cards from the Goddess and Sirens Deck. Close your eyes and think about an area of your life where you need guidance or clarity. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice the number of the first card you are drawn to.

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Card 1


You are creative in every way.

There are no barriers to the constant, consistent creation. Allow yourself to create on Joy, not on pressure. Connect more deeply with the Earth. Gaia is the ultimate expression of creative power. When you need a creative spark to arise within you, when you are tired of doing things the same way, when you need growth within your soul, turn to the deep creative energy of Gaia. If you are in a career that requires constant creativity - such as the Arts, music, advertising, Gaia is a wonderful deity to assist with the constant keeping of flow. For those of you who are mothers, and for those who are involved in environmental protection, Gaia is an invaluable ally. 

Connecting with Gaia: We live mostly in our minds to navigate through this increasingly complex world. Theres nothing wrong with doing this some of the time, but we forget that our bodies need to be fully inhabited for us to experience a rounded life. We often forget the bodies amazing ability to connect with all that is good from Gaia. A Great way to express your love is to actively contribute to environmental practices, animal protection, or even grow your own food. 

Card 2


Forgive Yourself. Forgive others.

Compassion for another situation is important at this time. Consider this other persons view and choose connection rather than separateness. Kuan Yin had so much love and compassion for humanity that she declined her place in heaven, in favour of staying here assisting others to happiness and perfect love.

For us to have the beginning of true peace and to extend a compassionate hand to others, we must start with compassion for ourselves which then extends to others. We have to accept that this unawareness, this blindness in ourselves and others is part of the dharma we have to live. It’s not up to us to determine the appropriate time for anyones consciousness to mature. When you know better, you do better. That “knowing” occurs when it does. We cannot hold ourselves or someone else responsible for not figuring out something sooner.

Accepting who we really are, and where we are, without judgement is a wise place to begin. Because Kuan Yin has made herself known to you, it’s a sign for you to be kinder to yourself and forgive yourself for anything unresolved from the past. As for others, put yourself in their position. People act from their own limited consciousness. Sometimes we just didn’t know any better. Listen to your protagonist even if you disagree. Do not judge this. It’s not required, nor is any level perfection from yourself from others. Forgive yourself and those around you what you have done or have not done. Crack open your own heart. 

Card 3


A new path opens to you and you are protected.

You are about to pass through this new gateway which will change you. A rite of passage is close at hand. You mustn’t be afraid to open up to this opportunity for change. Sheela Na Gig is a Crone Goddess who is bold, naughty and may even lead you astray! She is one of the oldest energies of the Celtic lands; the Protectress of gateways and is generally accepted to serve a function of protection against any lower vibrational spirits.  Your prayers which ask for safety and protection, have been heard and answered. Any attacks or threats are now to be a thing of the past, cleansed away with a sweeping tide of pure, divine love.

This love is clearing away your insecurities so that you can feel steady. When you are about to pass through any gateway, such as a birth, marriage or a physical gateway such as a new home or place of work, you may wish to honour Sheila and ask for her Divine Protection. Now is the time to be very mindful of who you spend your time with as well. Those who share your energy should be uplifting and supportive nit leading you astray. You do not currently have the extra energy to spare for those who would drag you down anyway because you are gently making space for yourself, taking a break from as much of the stress and drama of your life as possible now, while you move forward fearlessly.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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