Full Moon in Gemini: 3rd December 2017

The last Full Moon of this year falls in the air sign of Gemini on the 3rd of December, the very same day that Mercury goes retrograde. This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, the brightest of the year and this means its energy is going to be typically stronger than usual. Let's use this powerful lunar energy to call on our authentic selves. It is time to share what makes each of us unique and beautiful with the world. December is a huge month for change for two reasons. Firstly, it's the end of the year, making it a magical, invigorating time for all of us and this has a huge effect on every single astrological sign. Secondly, Mercury is ruled by Gemini which goes retrograde on the same day, lasting until the 22nd of this month.

Mercury is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication, so Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious. We often meet people’s Mercury first. Mercury also represents co-ordination, thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both the conscious and unconscious sources. Gemini needs to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyses, groups, and makes sense of things. Do not fear because Mercurys final retrograde of this year along with the super moon means the effects of the moon are likely to be reduced. With two different forces working against each other, the celestial bodies are basically doing a cosmic dance with what our every day December lives will feel like.

Gemini is also the sign of duality and opposition, which means that all the astrological signs are going to feel the tug of this full cold moon because Luna brings with her, charm and spontaneity. We will feel the urge to show our mental exuberance and will be very quick to respond to any situation, which is most typically be in verbal communication. This is a very social month bringing out a powerful quality within each of us. However, such a time can bring about a display in erratic tendencies within our mood, making our actions a little unpredictable.

Gemini energy can drastically change within the blink of an eye, because of this air signs unpredictable nature. This moon also makes us curious about everything and you may find yourself trying your hand at new activities. You may have an inclination of acting before thinking and will need a lot of stimulation to keep your interest on any one thing. This cosmic energy is what you make of it. If the super moon inspires you to take action and Mercury's retrograde can't touch you, go forth and charge on with whatever your intuition tells you is right course of action.

The day of the Full Moon is the perfect time to manifest the results of any intentions you’ve set in recent weeks. Once the moon starts to wane, or lose light, it’s the perfect time to let go and surrender all outcomes to the Universe. Meditating with your intention can intensify whatever you wish to set. So whether you’re meditating on change and choosing transformation as the result of any process you’ve been going through, or if you’re simply sitting with the energy and focusing on the Divine feminine, you’re doing it right.

Taking time to breathe, absorb the energy of the Full Moon and really channel it into your intentions is simple, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and is a gorgeous reminder to just be. And so it is.

Full Moon Blessings

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