Daily Tarot Tuesday 16th April | The Emperor

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

After the fall of the Tower comes the time to discover your own power and begin creating the world you truly want to live in. Bring your awareness to your power and self control, The Emperor calls for us to see the different laws in which we must live and breathe by. These laws of nature are built into our very being and we must push for the continual improvement of our personal and social structures to become more in harmony with the cosmic, natural flow of the Universe. If you are creating a new project or bringing an intention in to physical manifestation, then creating a sound plan around it helps to sustain and support your wish.

With the moon in Virgo our emotions take on a somewhat analytical flavor as well, and it is an apt time to investigate feelings rather than feel them. At this time it is beneficial to remember that feelings count but try and weed out any emotions that don't have a practical use behind them. You can't be satisfied with any barriers on the road to your dream, hence you might have to be single-minded in your purpose and begin to gather all of your resources, and at times stand tall against adversity, going your own diverse way.

Mercury finally leaves the Retrogrades shadow and enters fire sign Aries today. This placement allows everyone to stop feeling stagnant and confused and allows us to harness the energy to be direct, clear minded and in the flow. Being the Emperor of your own world requires a tremendous amount of integrity, especially when it comes to being sure you are honestly keeping with the greater interests in your heart.

You don't even need to ask for permission. If you take the lead, the others will follow! By you taking charge of this whole situation, you will trust more in your own integrity, you can learn to be on good terms with yourself and begin to trust your own brain. These are the secret ingredients to build and nurture your own personal empire.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Art: Image: Spirit Goddess

Tarot Card: Starchild Tarot

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