Daily Tarot - Saturday 20th April | Temperance

Spiritual balance is how you deal with opposition, outside and within.

This weekend you may be faced with some small crisis or chaos. You may have an old pain or heartbreak show up today. Everything happens for a reason and this arrival has surfaced again for you to finally deal with. You may be struggling to make ends meet, or have another drama (oh joy!) playing out around you through family, friends or co-workers. This is also the card of the empaths, the special people who have an ability to take on other people's emotional and mental debris and have trouble separating another’s issues from their own.

Temperance embodies the lesson of taking the middle road that frees you from opposites and finally allows you to accept and appreciate things as they really are and bit how we think they should be. This balanced perspective opens our mind, frees our soul and gives us room to breathe, develop and grow.

Temperance appears today asking you to detach from any outside drama and get clear on your own intentions. Focus your attention on what you truly desire to manifest, and to let the rest of it go. Let go of the fear, the worry, the scattered attention. Look to the work that needs to be done in order to manifest your dreams.

This card also speaks of moderation in your lifestyle habits as well, don’t overdo a good thing, but don’t deprive yourself either. When we deny ourselves, we are punishing ourselves. What is it that you really wish to create? What does your heart whisper to you? That is where your attention must go at this time, no matter what storm going on around you.

Our best success comes from balancing all aspects of our nature and not by railing against what we deem unacceptable. Often we feel compelled to only accept certain aspects of ourselves while denying the others. For example, we are taught to hold back tears, for this could be considered a sign of weakness. Temperance guides you to allow those tears to flow. The Divine in you recognises this pain and releases it from your body through your tears. To cry is a powerful healing process that isn’t meant to be suppressed.

Give yourself the gift of moderation and acceptance in all things. This will allow you to experience life to its fullest. And so it shall be.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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Image: Temperance by Danielle Noel

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