Daily Tarot | Misguided Devotion Is The Most Potent Of All Magical Poisons.

Before you can break out, you must realise that you are locked up.

The Devil tarot card represents attachments to short lives happiness and the illusions of the mind. You may think you have figured it all out. What you don’t realise is that the most important piece of information is missing. Things are not as they seem at face value and unless you are willing to find the core of this information, it could create problems within your consciousness.

The devil is a distortion of misunderstood spirituality and this card speaks of those who consistently preach but do not live by their own words. Maybe you think you have it all mastered but Life is a school of learning and if we had it all mastered then we would not be here on Earth. This card speaks of someone else in your life who is behaving like they know it all, but they do not. Approach people like this in your life with caution, because they hold an energy of control and dominance which could or already has manifested as a form of abuse.

It’s important to remember your Intuitive feelings. Your instincts are important guides and a spiritual gift allowing you to feel the beauty of being alive, but they also serve as a warning when it comes to untruths and manipulation. Pay attention to the words that are being spoken to you.

Allowing yourself to become too wrapped in temporary pleasures like alcohol and drugs can lead to dysfunctional behaviour patterns and psychological or physical addiction. There is chemical dependency problems in your immediate surroundings. This energy seeks control and dominance and can also manifest in the will to take your power.

You must to give up on whichever part of your life this card is applying to. Be honest and say goodbye to this energy. It’s time to turn your back on it an move yourself forward. Keep your heart open and your intentions pure. Listening to your higher self will be simpler; and you will not be easily tempted to give into something that doesn’t benefit you and your soul growth.

Much Love

Spirit Goddess

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