Daily Tarot Card | Tuesday 19th March 2019

"I connect with my Intuition and Trust my Higher Power"

The High Priestess identifies with your inner world, your spiritually, wisdom, and understanding.She doesn't want for you to allow any insecurities you have from keeping you from realising all that life has to offer. Stand up and make a commitment, trust your instincts, and let go of your deep rooted fears.

The High Priestess is currently immersed in your dreams, visions and the realm of unconscious awareness and she can reside there easily without letting negative energies overcome her – and she also does this without needing to overcome them either. She urges you to have the divine will to let things be what they are for now.

When she appears as a daily card, you must have faith in yourself as you possess good judgment through your own intuition. At this time you have the ability to achieve inner clarity and wisdom. It is time to listen to your own inner voice, and not what others may have to say.

The opportunity for success is yours to have, so avoid those who embrace negative thoughts or try to persuade you off the path you have chosen in life. Try to look beyond the obvious, while paying attention to your dreams and imagination. Think outside of the box and look at what can be when you are aware of a larger reality. This is the time when you will discover what has been hidden and obscure.

The answers that you seek are right there within you, but you need to shift your perspective in order to access the key.. This card can ask you to let yourself sit serenely with the unknown. Now is a powerful time to let yourself sit with the High Priestesses energy, to take a few deep breaths and let everything be exactly what it is without forcing it tone anything else. It’s often when you stop pushing so hard for the answers that they finally come to you.

The High Priestess is intricately linked to your own intuition and inner knowing. She invites you to sit with the vulnerable, rarely accessed parts of yourself. Get to know the real workings of your inner world. The more intimate you become with your inner self, the more of a divine connection you’ll have with your intuitive knowing.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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This Card from the Yoshi Yoshitani Fairytale Tarot

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