Daily Tarot Card: The Magician | Monday 3rd June 2019

Remember that you are powerful, create your inner world, and the outer will follow.

When you The Magician arrives as a daily card, with a new moon in Gemini, it is a strong indication that a new journey in your life is just beginning. Gemini is well known for the ability to see through the many faces of this world.

You will be given a choice, an option to follow up on a course of action. You are being called to master the skills of the magician with this aspect of your life. A new story is being written and a new path unfolds. This story that you are about to experience is of your own creation, the accrual of all of your consciousness up until this point.

This is a sign that you are the most conscious creator of your reality, and it is time to step into action if you haven’t already. This is the state of embodying that which you want to be. You have to live as though what you desire is already manifested. In this way, you are seen, a powerful creator in action, using all of the resources of creation at your disposal to begin this journey, and all the four elements are present to support you.

If you can master focussing your energy, and acting with purpose and intent, you will have more control over the course your life takes and you will be able to manifest your true desires more easily.

This Magic will follow you wherever you go, and if you should decide to focus on this gift flourishing, there will be nothing you cannot create. Happy New Moon Loves! 

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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