Daily Tarot Card: Perspective | Tuesday 4th June 2019

The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation. But you have a choice over how to view it.

You may be in a stagnant relationship or empty space in your life, but this is a powerful time of transition and change. The perspective card paired with the energy left from the Gemini New Moon has invited an opportunity for you to change your life, and although this may require some sacrifice on your part, inspiration will come, allowing you to break through any barriers standing in your way.

You have lots of knowledge, but you are not putting it to use! Alter your mindset and change the way you look at things. Perhaps you need to see things from another perspective and go with the flow, which sometimes means waiting for events to unfold.

Perhaps you need some time to look inside yourself. New possibilities will appear for you, but you will need to let go of some old ideas and beliefs to make impossibilities become possible. Perspective warns of others’ deception as well as your own illusions. You may need to draw on Planet Neptune's creativity so you can see the absurdity of your old ideas as well as other peoples crazy ideas.  

Change is coming, which can be uncomfortable, but all change is good in the long run. A Blue Lace Agate crystal will aid the flow and ease these changes in your life and activates your throat chakra which helps you to clarify your thoughts and experiences by talking them over with someone you trust. Conversations like these can help you clarify and understand your world better.

And so it is.

Much Love,

Spirit Goddess

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